An image of our Server Concrete Factory
An image of our Server Concrete Factory
Our Community Server Concrete Factory

Satisfactory: – Imaflanker Community Server

Satisfactory Cover art Courtesy of Coffee Stain Studios
Coffee Stain Studios
Coffee Stain Studios
PC (Microsoft Windows)
Not Rated
Release Date
Mar 19, 2019

About Our Server

Our Satisfactory Early Access server was launched on the 20th of March, this server is a 24/7 live server and as always we welcome our community members to come in and take part. Currently there are only 3 main set of works completed, the Concrete Factory, the Aesthetically Pleasing Copper Factory and finally the Iron Factory. I will give a Quick Guide of each of these below.

Concrete Factory

This Factory is right at spawn, With a single miner configured to output concrete constantly we should be in good standing for most construction needs. This is also the heart of our (current) power solution with five lakeside Biomass burners you can really smell the industrialisation at work. Also here is our Awesome Sink, MAM and Hub.

Aesthetically Pleasing Copper Factory

This Copper Factory Is currently to the North west of the HUB, with a single miner outputting into an enclosed tower this factory produces all our Wire and Cable needs without scarring the landscaper with exhaust fumes and whirring processors,

Iron Factory

in this factory we are producing Reinforced Iron Plates for further expansion, while still only a Shell of a building this factory is in a prime location with stunning visa views over the local desert. The carefully laid out conveyer system allows you to walk to all the machines at ground level, no climbing, crawling or flying needed.

Server Information

Server Name: Imaflanker EA Server
Server IP: See Discord
Password: See Discord
Admins: Meras, Imaflanker

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