Creator of Another World | image courtesy of kuretaro

Sandbox Roguelike RPG “Creator Of Another World” Out Now

Creator of Another World, the most popular all-ages game of 2023 on the Japanese platform DLsite, is now available in other countries through Steam.

Creator of Another World PV (Steam)

Creator of Another World is a highly flexible roguelike RPG, in which you can choose your own goals. Embark on adventures, interact with NPCs, marry, farm and fish, steal, blacksmith, brew potions and even build whole towns from scratch!

Players can clear dungeons to become stronger, either alone or with an adventuring party that can be recruited if you make friends.
Combat in this game is very strategic, and outcomes are influenced by character position, visibility, weather, and time of day.

All characters in the game have an array of unique personality traits and they will behave differently and according to their own will. Players can even create new characters from scratch and see them live independently in the game. Every piece of equipment has its own traits as well, so one crossbow will not always behave like the other.

Most of the elements in this game are randomised, allowing players to enjoy a fresh experience every time they start a new game.

You can buy Creator of Another World on Steam, with a -20% discount for the first 14 days after the launch of the game:

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