RuneScape: Ancient Awakening | image courtesy of Jagex and Honest PR

RuneScape Raises The Dead In The New Necromancy Season

RuneScape: Ancient Awakening is the first update in the new Necromancy season available in the game now. The update allows players to explore Necromancy and its lore as they dive into the mysterious island of Ungael.

Take your adventuring party (featuring The Raptor, Asther, and Bill) to discover powerful rituals and fight to stop the destruction of Gielinor at the hands of necromancer Zemouregal. Featuring a new player vs monster combat style in which you fight waves of monsters raised by Zemouregal, you can encounter new challenges in every run. This mode will get more complex as time goes on. Players who beat the challenges successfully will unlock new titles, get new weapon cosmetics and a new special outfit.

The update also expands the Fort Forinthry area by adding a Botanist’s Bench which you can use to prepare necromancy potions. Granny Rowan will be happy to assist you.

Necromancy is a combat skill which is free for all players up to level 20, and then scales to level 120 for members of RuneScape.

The update provides the perfect preparation for a new boss battle launching in November.

For more information about the new quest, head over to the official website.

Download RuneScape here:

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