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Runes – A New Singleplayer Open World RPG On The Horizon

Runes, an upcoming singleplayer open world RPG tells the story of a flawed sorcerer and a charismatic young thief.

Runes – Official Reveal Trailer 2023

The Port of Lewyst is crime-infested and challenges two rival gangs, who fight for influence and control. A new potion has been brewed, so addictive that nobody can resist it after they have tried it.

Talesin is being appointed by the Sorcerers Guild to investigate the rumours about the potion. He finds intrigues, conspiracy, and, most surprisingly, an ally. Olwyna is a thief and deeply involved in the crime scene of the city.

Players can play as both characters as they unravel the story and the secrets of Lewyst. The game world is a large open world with many charming characters and challenging regions. Exploration will be rewarded, and players can find blueprints, materials, and traders to help them along the way.

At the heart of the game lies a rune system that allows players to wield powerful magic. Find rune scrolls, add them to your spell book, and learn how to use sorcery. You can transform into an animal, explore the world around you and even build new structures. As you develop your skills, you can learn to peek behind the curtain and discover the underlying principles of the runes.
Runes can be used through an in-game card system that represents the lore of combat in-game.

Runes will be relased on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox in 2025.

To learn more about the game and keep in touch with current developments, visit the official website.

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