Crusader Kings III Key Art
Crusader Kings III Key Art
Crusader Kings III Key Art | Image Courtesy of Paradox Interactive

Rule in Style: Crusader Kings III’s ‘Royal Court’ Expansion Makes a Grand Entrance on Console

Experience the thrills of medieval monarchy from your lavish throne room, now on Xbox Series X|S and Playstation® 5!

Hey there, lords and ladies of Gaming.Buzz, we’ve got some regally fantastic news for you today! Stockholm-based Paradox Interactive just announced that the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, aptly named ‘Royal Court’, has finally made its grand entrance on Xbox Series X|S consoles and Playstation® 5. Get ready to bask in your own majesty, right from the comfort of your throne room.

Remember when we were all pining for a more personal, immersive experience of ruling our virtual kingdoms? Well, it’s finally time to dust off our crowns because the Royal Court expansion has arrived, and it’s every bit as majestic as we’d hoped.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court | Console Release Trailer

This isn’t just about sitting on a fancy chair, mind you. With this expansion, you’ll be interacting with your vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking your royal judgement. It’s a lot like being an agony aunt, except you’re a king or queen, and your decisions might lead to wars. No pressure, right?

And speaking of fancy, the grandeur level at your court can be cranked up with posh trappings and lavish banquets. This is all about upping the prestige, attracting higher quality guests, and making those rivals green with envy.

Expect a flurry of creativity from inspired artists, craftspeople, and thinkers working on new projects, as they add precious treasures and artefacts to your court. There’s even an inventory system where you can commission and collect special weapons, armour, and regalia to boost your royal prowess.

But that’s not all! The Royal Court expansion also introduces Hybrid Cultures, allowing you to mould a multicultural realm, and Cultural Divergence, giving you the chance to split from your traditional culture and adapt it into something that aligns better with your royal aspirations.

As if that wasn’t enough, a major free update to Crusader Kings III is accompanying the release of Royal Court, available to all console players. This update includes the much-anticipated character designer, letting players create their own starting character.

So, are you ready to experience the grandeur of a royal court firsthand? Crusader Kings III: Royal Court is now available for purchase on Playstation® 5 and Xbox Series consoles *.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this latest expansion. Do you have any grand plans for your throne room? How will you handle the petitions of your subjects? Drop your thoughts in the comments below or join the lively discussion in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord where you can also join our weekly community Crusader Kings III games every Thursday.

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