Rubber Duck Wave Racer Key Art
Rubber Duck Wave Racer Key Art
Rubber Duck Wave Racer Key Art | Courtesy of Joindots

Rubberduck Wave Racer Swoops into Nintendo Switch and Xbox Consoles

Duck in for a Quacking Good Time with Joindots GmbH's Latest Release!

Hold onto your feathers, gaming fans! A new flock of colourful characters has arrived, ready to frolic in the console ponds of Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Series X|S. The officially licensed Schnabels® bathtime buddy racing game, Rubberduck Wave Racer, developed by Joindots GmbH, is officially waddling onto our screens today!

Imagine a dozen super cute Schnabels® ducks, each with their own distinctive personalities, poised and ready to take the plunge into 16 wildly varying courses. These little ducks are more than just your average bathtime buddies. From a daring diver duck to a relaxed spa fowl and even a superhero duck, they’re all set to ruffle some feathers in the gaming world.

Rubber Duck Wave Racer | Official Teaser Trailer

And with up to four players able to compete beak to beak, you can challenge your mates and family to see who can navigate the peaceful riverside course or brave the thundering whitewater rapids. For those seeking something a little more heated, try dodging lava flows in the volcano course!

But don’t let the cuteness of these rubber ducklings fool you. Beneath the adorable exterior, there’s a devious spirit ready to ruffle some feathers. With well-timed power-ups at your disposal, no duck is safe from some friendly competition.

Rubberduck Wave Racer comes to us from the team at Joindots GmbH, who since 2008 have been focused on creating engaging casual games to suit players of all skill levels and time budgets. This latest title continues that trend, promising a delightful and accessible gaming experience that anyone can dive into, whether you’ve got ten minutes or ten hours to spare.

So, maybe it’s time to waddle on over to your consoles and take the plunge with Rubberduck Wave Racer. The race is on to see who will be the first to conquer the waterways!

Now it’s over to you, fellow gamers. Are you ready to guide these endearing ducklings through their aquatic races? Which Schnabels® duck has caught your eye, and who do you think will be the king or queen of the waterways?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and first impressions in the comments below, or head over to our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to chat about your Rubberduck Wave Racer experiences. We’re eager to hear about all your splashy successes (and hilarious wipeouts). May the best duck win!

Where To Buy Rubberduck Wave Racer

We’ve taken a look around the reputable retailers of the internet (no key marketplaces here) to find you the best deals on Rubberduck Wave Racer and collected them for you below. The MSRP is ÂŁ17.49 on Nintendo Switch, ÂŁ24.99 on PS5, ÂŁ19.99 on PS4. At the time of writing this article although the developer says the game is out on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One I cannot find any UK retailer, including Microsoft’s own store that lists the game or a price, this may just be a delayed store listing.

Nintendo eShop | Nintendo Switch Version
PlayStation Store | Playstation 4 & 5 Versions

© 2023 Joindots GmbH – The rubber duck characters of this game are based on Schnabels® rubber ducks. Schnabels® is a brand of mbw Vertriebsges. mbH, Germany.

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