Slice Cyber-Enhanced Scum in an Infinite Cycle To Enact Your Violent Revenge

You play Xiang Zixu, a private detective working in the seedy underbelly of the megacity Dragon City is investigating the vanishing of a famous reporter. Following up on a crucial lead, he is brutally murdered, only to awaken in his bed, uninjured. Time seems to reset when he dies, and its up to him to solve not only the disappearance of the reporter, but also what the hell is going on to him.

Kill, die, repeat. Take your revenge over and over again. Keep uncovering the connections between your case, your murder, and how in the hell you seem to keep resurrecting.
Face bionic cyborgs, deformed mutants and street level gangsters. If they get in your way, show them their mistakes. Throughout your journey, you will unlock cybernetic enhancements of your own, an upgraded arsenal of weaponry, and new abilities to perfect the art of annihilation.

With seven individual endings, your choices really do matter in this game. Killing, or sparing certain enemies. Deciding to align yourself with certain factions. Your story is up to you, and you alone.

Check out the trailer for Loopmancer below!

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