Rogue Legacy 2 Launches Into 1.0

Cellar Door Games
Cellar Door Games
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
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Release Date
Apr 28, 2022

Put your heirs to their deaths over and over again in one of the definitive roguelite games

Rogue Legacy 2, the new and improved sequel to Rogue Legacy (who could have guessed it), has officially launches out of Early Access today, releasing on PC and Xbox One/Series X/S.

Having launched as an Early Access title in 2020, it quickly gained thousands of “very positive” reviews in a very short period of time. The sequel has built on its predecessor in every way; fresh weaponry, new abilities and classes, and a completely new way of generating the world means that the game seems new, and full of things to discover.
An all new art style really brings the graphics to the forefront, with new 3D models set against the beautiful backgrounds you can see below.

Rogue Legacy 2 is more than just a sequel to our studio, it’s the culmination of all that we’ve learned over the last nine years since the release of the original. ​ We’ve put everything we have into it, and knowing that fans both new and old alike will be experiencing it for the first time is incredibly humbling. ​ We hope it brings the same sense of joy and discovery the original gave so many years ago”

Cellar Door Games

Key Features

  • Every Adventure is a unique one: With new monsters, traps, castle layouts and weaponry skills, every time you enter the kingdom will be a new adventure to have to contend with.
  • Brand New Classes: No two classes play similarly. The ranger can rain poisoned arrows down upon his foes, the Dragon Lancer can fly and strike his foes at breakneck speeds. Or, alternatively, play as the Bard, and sing and dance your way through your enemies. Rogue Legacy 2 comes with 15 new classes, and 15 entirely different ways of playing.
  • True Metroid-vania: RL2 introduces heirlooms, special items that will give your heroes (And their descendants) a much needed boost. Heirlooms are not easy to find, however. You must prove your worth to lay claim to them.
  • A rework of the Traits mechanic: having listened to the community about the traits in RL1, the devs have taken it upon themselves to make taking lesser traits much more viable and fair, with considerable gold modifiers to encourage players to do just so. The more debilitating the trait, the larger the reward.
  • Relics: New and exciting items to collect. Each will give you a stat modifier, or a brand new ability to use while traversing the kingdom. But be aware, the more relics you obtain, the more your resolve will be shaken.
  • Improved Accessibility: The developers have introduced what they call “House Rules”. A vast array of tweakable game options from maximum health, to damage taken. Complete control of just how difficult the game is, to make sure that everyone that plays has an enjoyable experience.
  • A new, richer narrative: The lore of the world of Rogue Legacy has been greatly expanded upon, with new lore becoming available the more NG+ you play. Beating the game once is just the beginning. Learn about the fall of the kingdom, and discover those responsible.
  • More traits, more spells, more classes, more worlds, more enemies, more equipment, more secrets to uncover. Rogue Legacy 2 is more of what you loved about the first game.

Check out the launch trailer for Rogue Legacy 2 below!

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