Robodunk Key Art
Robodunk Key Art
Robodunk Key Art | Courtesy of Jollypunch Games

RoboDunk Slams Into Steam With a New Prologue: Epic Arcade Basketball Roguelite Action!

Get Ready to Dunk, Dive, and Dribble in This High-Flying, NBA Jam-Inspired Extravaganza from Jollypunch Games!

Today, we’re talking about a game that has a little something for everyone: RoboDunk, the arcade basketball roguelite from the creative minds at Jollypunch Games. And the best part? A brand new prologue has just made its grand entrance on PC via Steam!

Imagine this: high-flying dunks from outer space while you dodge slams, traps, and tricks from the defending team. Sounds like a 360 tomahawk jam of excitement, doesn’t it? It’s like NBA Jam, but with a cybernetic, dunkball combat twist.

The new prologue introduces an exclusive game mode called Robot Masters. It’s a strategic, five-stage challenge that you can tackle in any order. And the goal? Show down with five ballin’ bosses and steal their upgrades to prove who’s got the best game on the court.

Now, we all love a bit of arsenal in our games, right? RoboDunk’s got you covered. From lasers and shocking ring traps to falling pans, there’s plenty to keep your opponents on their toes. And the best part? No two matches are the same. You’ll dribble through randomized matches with different rewards, rules, traps, and opponents. Watch out for spiky rollers, tornados, jump pads, and even meteors!

RoboDunk also boasts a massive skill tree that lets you customise your All-Star Robots with permanent upgrades, new skills, and stat boosts after every win. And if you’re up for a fresh experience every round, you can select temporary skills like double jumps and ammo multipliers.

Fancy a bit of multiplayer action? You can battle it out in local multiplayer, play solo, or team up with a friend. And for the lore lovers, there’s plenty to uncover. Find out why “DUNK is the true meaning of life” from the mysterious Gods upon every victory.

Got all that? Great! Now, get yourself over to Steam and start slam dunking today. And don’t forget to connect with Jollypunch Games on Twitter and join the official Jollypunch Games Discord for all the latest news and updates.

Alright, gamesters! Now it’s over to you. We want to hear about your epic dunks, crazy comebacks, and most nail-biting matches. Drop a comment below or share your stories in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. And remember, in RoboDunk, every dunk counts.

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