ROBOBEAT Key Art | Courtesy of Kwalee Ltd

ROBOBEAT: Creating a Symphony of Destruction with Custom Music!

Kwalee teams up with solo developer Simon Fredholm for a musical and action-packed romp, ROBOBEAT!

Leamington Spa’s award-winning games publisher, Kwalee, in collaboration with Swedish solo developer Simon Fredholm, recently unveiled an exhilarating new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, ROBOBEAT. The intriguing teaser showcases a truly harmonious feature: the addition of custom music, allowing players to become both composers and conductors of their gaming experience.

Introduced with a twist of rhythm and an essence of dance, ROBOBEAT plunges you into the kaleidoscopic mansion of the eccentric robot-showman, Frazzer. The aim? To master the art of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping, all choreographed to your chosen beats. It’s not just about surviving Frazzer’s twisted techno-playground, but doing it in style — in rhythm, to be precise.

ROBOBEAT | Gameplay Trailer

The custom music feature stands out, allowing you to curate your soundtrack by uploading, trimming, and looping your preferred tracks directly in-game. Then it’s a matter of adjusting beat markers to match your rhythm. Whether you fancy a pulse-pounding drum & bass track or a mellifluous classical symphony, the game offers seamless integration of your choice, without any disruptive pauses or breaks.

The custom music feature supports a broad spectrum of file types, including .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files. Additionally, it promises more than a symphony of sounds. By shooting in sync with your tunes, players can maximise their damage output and reduce cooldown times.

The game extends its rhythm emphasis beyond just combat. Wall runs, slides, double jumps, bunny hops, and grapple hooks all sync to your choice of beats, giving the game a fluid, funky, and kinetic feel. But remember, your technicolour enemies won’t pause for a dance break. So keep moving, keep dodging, and keep grooving!

ROBOBEAT also boasts a rogue-lite twist. Procedurally generated levels, a cache of finely-tuned weapons, and a collection of mods promise a unique gameplay experience with each new run. It’s a game that keeps you on your toes, never knowing what the next turn of Frazzer’s eccentric mansion will bring.

Kwalee, the team behind ROBOBEAT, has a glittering reputation in the gaming industry. Co-founded by games industry icon David Darling CBE, Kwalee has a growing portfolio of PC and console titles, including Eternal Hope & Scathe, along with the upcoming Die By The Blade and Wildmender. They’ve also been officially recognised as ‘Best Publisher’ (Mobile Games Awards 2022) and ‘Best Large Studio’ (TIGA Awards 2021).

ROBOBEAT is expected to hit PC screens in 2023 and is available to wishlist on Steam now. As we look forward to the game’s release, the question remains: do you have what it takes to break the infinite loop and halt Frazzer’s reign?

Share their thoughts on this exciting new addition to the rhythm-action genre in the comments section below, or join the conversation in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. And for an extra bit of fun, what song would you want to battle Frazzer to in ROBOBEAT?

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