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Rising from the Battlefield: TTK Games Unveils Plans for Next-Gen Online Shooters

Former EA DICE leaders band together in Stockholm to bring next-gen online shooters to life.

Attention all online shooter enthusiasts! The former EA DICE Creative Director, Lars Gustavsson, has unveiled his latest venture – a brand new game development studio named TTK Games (Time To Kill Games), stationed right in the heart of Stockholm. With this exciting news, we can look forward to the arrival of an all-new, high-octane, next-generation online shooter from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

TTK Games has been founded with a clear commitment to quality and innovation, inspired by a studio culture that recognises great ideas can originate from any corner of the room. The studio is brimming with a combination of industry titans and the freshest talent in game development, striving to deliver unforgettable experiences to players and online communities alike.

Lending their hefty game industry credentials to the studio, the co-founders of TTK Games comprise:

  • Lars Gustavsson, CEO and Creative Director. A 24-year veteran of the games industry, Gustavsson had a hand in shaping the Battlefield franchise, including his role as Producer for Battlefield 1942 and as Creative Director until his departure in November 2022 to establish TTK Games.
  • Daniel Berlin, Senior Design Director. Berlin carries a robust background in game design, including working on titles like World in Conflict and Far Cry 3. At DICE, Berlin served in several capacities, notably as Lead World Designer and Design Director for multiple Battlefield titles.
  • Vidar Nygren, CTO and Technical Director. Nygren, a long-time Gameplay Engineer, joined DICE in 1996 and rose to become the Technical Director for the Battlefield franchise. Additionally, he guided the development of the Frostbite game engine, widely used across multiple titles published by Electronic Arts.
  • Peter Hoyles, Art Director. Hoyles’ journey started with DICE in 2003, where he contributed to various artistic aspects of the Battlefield franchise and later became Studio Art Director for DICE LA.

The phrase ‘Time to Kill’ isn’t just the name of the studio; it embodies the studio’s ethos. It’s not just about finding the perfect pacing or immediacy of a game – it’s about how humans have entertained themselves through play for thousands of years. TTK Games passionately believes that video games, with their blend of teamwork, competition, and wit, are the best way to pass the time.

“For players, the phrase ‘Time to Kill’ defines how a shooter feels and how fast it plays,” said Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director and CEO. “We’ve made it our studio name and part of our studio culture. For us the term ‘TTK’ isn’t just about the craftmanship behind finding the perfect speed or immediacy of a game – it’s about how human beings have been killing time through play for thousands of years. Throughout my career I’ve made games to encourage teamwork, friendly competition and using your mind and reflexes to accomplish a goal and outwit your opponent. We are passionate about videogames, because we think there’s no better way to kill time.”

TTK Games, with significant funding and creative freedom at their disposal, are now actively recruiting for a range of roles. They will also have a presence at the Nordic Game in Malmö, Sweden from March 23-26 , 2023 to provide more insights about the studio and the founders’ vision.

We’re certainly thrilled about what TTK Games is bringing to the table. For more details about them, visit TTKGames.com or follow them on Twitter @ WeAreTTKGames and LinkedIn.

Now, it’s over to you! What are your thoughts about this announcement? Are you excited about the new next-gen shooter? Are you considering joining the TTK Games team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or come have a chat in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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