Riot produce Emotes for Discord’s Birthday Celebrations

In honour of Discord’s birthday, a collection of brand new emotes has been crafted by Riot Games for the unsung heroes of the platform—the moderators.

“Since the earliest days of gaming, people have searched for places to gather, build real-time connections, and share their passion for video games. Discord has played a major role in providing a place for Riot’s global communities of players and fans to come together and talk about their favorite champs and agents, discuss suggestions for upcoming patches, celebrate their most epic plays, and, of course, solve the ever-present need of LFG,” said Erin Wayne, Global Head of Player Community at Riot Games.

To express gratitude for their tireless work, moderators will be presented with unique tokens of appreciation. The newly designed emote pack pays homage to Riot’s characters and games, injecting a fresh twist into some of the most iconic emotes seen across Discord, Twitch, and various gaming communities.

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