Person with a child on the back standing in front of a space scene. The text "Rimworld Biotech" is in the lower half of the image
Person with a child on the back standing in front of a space scene. The text "Rimworld Biotech" is in the lower half of the image
RimWorld Biotech | Image courtesy of Ludeon Studios

RimWorld – Biotech Expansion

The third expansion to the popular colony simulation game – Biotech – lets players manage families with children, control semi-sentient machines and explore genetic mutations.

New features include:

Families & Children
– have children through natural or artificial means, prepare for labour and childcare
– take care of babies by feeding them and creating a crib where they can feel safe
– raise the children in your colony well by balancing play and work, and offering learning opportunities
– give your children traits at various stages of their development

– create Xenohumans – genetically modified colonists
– obtain genes from quests, traders, and Xenohuman colonists to genetically modify your population
– meet new Xenohuman factions

– Sanguophages have a need for blood and pass among colonists undetected
– powered by superintelligent nano-machines, they are ageless, immortal and have superhuman powers
– you can choose to join their cult and strive to reach immortality

– grow mechanoids in tanks and explore new mechanics for labour and combat gameplay
– defeat three new mechanoid bosses and loot them to advance your technologies

– mechanoids produce toxic wastepacks which pollute your colony
– pollution affects your colony, mutates plants and animals, blocks sunlight and attracts new enemies
– decide whether you want to remove pollution or embrace its effects

You can buy RimWorld: Biotech here (base game required):

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