Riftbound Key Art
Riftbound Key Art
Riftbound Key Art | Courtesy of Barrel Smash Studios

Riftbound: Summoner’s Path Expansion – A Whole New World of Roguelite Mayhem!

Unleashing Elemental Mayhem: The Roguelite Adventure Awaits in Riftbound: Summoner's Path Expansion!

There’s some sizzling hot news on the gaming circuit today – the Riftbound: Summoner’s Path expansion is out! Brought to us by the ingenious minds at Barrel Smash Studios, the new release celebrates the game’s first anniversary and we’re buzzing with excitement.

This isn’t just any old expansion, no sir! We’re talking about an epic update that throws in two fresh gameplay modes, stirring the pot with some roguelite adventure and endless survival action. Whether you’re a newbie to Riftbound or a seasoned pro, you’re in for a fun-filled ride.

Summoner’s Path offers the chance to lock horns with a host of new enemies and challenges, all the while wielding enhanced spells and upgrades. And if you’re into strategy – mate, you’re going to love this! Not only does this expansion keep the adrenaline pumping for existing fans, but it also makes a grand welcome mat for newcomers to the Riftbound universe.

What’s even more thrilling is that this expansion comes as part of the base game, which is going at a whopping 25% off for a limited period. Have a peek at the new YouTube trailer to get a sense of the revamped gaming experience.

n the expanded universe of Riftbound: Summoner’s Path, you’ll be mastering the elements of fire, air, water, earth and aether. Imagine battling through dangerous territories, discovering strategy-altering encounters, and shopping for lethal weapons at the magic store. It’s a gaming experience that offers endless replayability and an adjustable difficulty level.

But that’s not all. The expansion also introduces a unique progression system, a perks system, and even aesthetic customisations for your elemental army. Picture your favourite fire elemental, but with a jaunty hat and a wicked moustache. Brilliant, right?

Reflecting on the game’s journey, Creative Director James Thomas said, “We have always been determined to support the game post-release and continue to steer the game in the direction that provides the most fun for players… turning the game into a roguelite as the primary game mode has turned out really well, and offers a great level of value and replayability for players.”

Riftbound: Summoner’s Path is now available on Steam for Windows PC for USD $19.99. And remember, there’s a 25% discount on for one week.

Now, dear readers, we want to hear from you! Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? What elementals are you excited to customize? Jump into the comments below or join the conversation in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Riftbound: Summoner’s Path! Game on, folks!

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