Rift Rangers Key Art
Rift Rangers Key Art
Rift Rangers Key Art | Courtesy of Epic Story Interactive

Rift Rangers Rumbles onto Steam & Epic: Green Power, Electrifying Updates and Intergalactic Warfare!

Epic Story Interactive Unleashes Rift Rangers: The Streetfight Begins on Electric Avenue.

Epic Story Interactive have officially released their much-anticipated game, Rift Rangers, on both Steam and the Epic Game Store. After a fab five-month stint in early access, Rift Rangers has finally touched down, with a whole load of enhancements in tow.

To start, the new Electric Avenue level brings a dose of danger, with electrifying action that even sees your everyday vehicles transformed into perilous obstacles. This isn’t just your average streetfight. And guess who’s joining the fray? None other than the classic, albeit somewhat enigmatic, Green Ranger, fresh from his protein shakes at the local gym. Ready to dish out some defensive prowess, he’s armed with RiftTech weaponry and is raring to go!

But hold on to your controllers, folks! The evil forces marshalled by The Master Brain aren’t twiddling their thumbs. The menacing Mech Witch and Titanic Brute have enlisted in the cause of chaos, giving the Rift Rangers a run for their RiftTech.

Not that our brave Rangers are backing down. They’ve got a nifty ace up their sleeve: the ability to call on their Mega Mecha, transforming them into an ultra-devastating weapon!

“We pay careful attention to all feedback offered from internal playtests and end users. We want to know what works and what doesn’t,” said Dennis Leong, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Epic Story Interactive. “Of course, the launch isn’t the end run as we have a ton of ideas for future updates, and we’re going to continue incorporating player feedback as we make sure Rift Rangers continues to be their game.”  

You may recognise Epic Story Interactive from hit mobile games like Beyblade, Slugterra, and Ben 10. The studio has a winning formula for creating gameplay experiences packed with fun, intuitive controls, and satisfying rewards. Drawing on the spirit of Japanese tokusatsu entertainment, Rift Rangers immerses players in a vibrant sentai-inspired world brimming with colourful costumes, tongue-in-cheek dialogue, and delightfully over-the-top monsters.

As a player, you’ll be stepping into the boots of these intrepid sentai heroes, tasked with saving Earth from The Master Brain’s hordes, breaking out from a dimensional rift. Brace yourself for gripping battles, challenging levels, and relentless enemy waves that ramp up the tension with each encounter.

But worry not! With each failure, you’ll pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again, armed with newfound knowledge. Energy chips collected in previous playthroughs can be used to buy permanent upgrades, boosting your chances of victory.

From rogue-lite mechanics to unique abilities for each Ranger, Rift Rangers promises an unpredictable and thrilling gaming experience. Unlock new RiftTech, levels, Rangers and more with the innovative Feat system, and prepare to tackle 13 escalating difficulty levels in your epic struggle against The Master Brain. And, of course, there’s the rockin’ theme song, urging you to ‘Refuse to Die!!!’

So, Rangers at heart, it’s time to don your ultra-cool helmets and strike a pose. Epic Story Interactive has fired the starting gun, and the battle for Earth has begun!

Alright folks, now it’s over to you! I challenge you to share your thoughts on Rift Rangers in the comments below, or join the conversation in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. What are you most excited about in this epic release? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Editors Note: At the time of writing Rift Rangers was not showing in the Epic Game Store

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