Overpass 2 October 2023 Key Art
Overpass 2 October 2023 Key Art
Overpass 2 October 2023 Key Art | Courtesy of Nacon

Revving Up the Off-Road Excitement: Nacon and Neopica Announce Overpass 2

Off-roading enthusiasts, buckle up for the return of the ultimate racing sim with a fresh splash of mud!

Hey there, motorheads and gaming aficionados! We’ve got some thrilling news straight from the rugged tracks of the racing sim world. NACON and Neopica have dropped a bombshell: Overpass 2 is revving its engine in the development garage!

Back in 2019, Overpass, the debut off-roading racing simulation game, stole the hearts of countless players with its challenging terrain physics and adrenaline-pumping races. Now, the dynamic duo of NACON and Neopica is back on the track to deliver an even wilder ride.

OVERPASS 2 | Reveal Trailer

What’s the scoop, you ask? Well, Overpass 2 is promising a more refined and immersive experience, shaped by player feedback from the first game and the team’s track record in creating exhilarating racing titles.

Imagine this: you’re behind the wheel of a beastly ATV or UTV (37 options in 3 categories, no less!), battling the clock on extreme tracks, each bump and pothole throwing you a curveball. Sounds intense, doesn’t it? The folks at Neopica are working their magic to recreate the authentic sensations of this technical sport, perfecting terrain physics, and vehicle behaviour.

Moreover, the game, developed in Unreal Engine 5, is set to have a broader range of content with 5 environments, 31 circuits, and numerous race modes. The cherry on top? A more expansive career mode to fuel your off-roading ambitions.

Peter Vermeulen, the Managing Director at Neopica, couldn’t contain his excitement. “Overpass 2 is a unique game, and we are delighted to be bringing a new game out for fans of racing and off-roading. We are working hard to recreate the terrain physics, vehicle behaviour and the authentic sensations of this very technical sport he said.

“Overpass introduced this demanding sport to fans of off-roading and motorsports in general. The game was very challenging to play, and we really wanted to go even further with the concept. This is what we have done with Overpass 2, which includes more content and improved physics thanks to the Unreal 5 engine” said Alain Falc, CEO of NACON.

Overpass 2 is slated to roll into our gaming lives on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 19 October 2023. So, get those racing gloves ready!

To wrap things up, we want to hear from you! What are you most excited about for Overpass 2? The new vehicles, the expanded career mode, or the next-level physics? Share your thoughts in the comments below or head on over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to join the conversation.

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