Revolutionise Your Tabletop Gaming with BRIKWARS: Pre-orders Open Now!

Unleash your Imagination, Restore Chaos, and Bring Your Bricks Back to Life with Mike Rayhawk’s Ultimate Version of BRIKWARS.

If you’re a lover of tabletop gaming and have a colourful collection of bricks gathering dust, then Modiphius Entertainment has some thrilling news for you. The highly-anticipated BRIKWARS, the most refined version of Mike Rayhawk’s classic creation, is now accepting pre-orders.

For too long, the worlds of the BrikVerse have been quenched under the humdrum blanket of normality. Creative exploration has been increasingly pushed to the sidelines due to the rigid constraints of standard brick building, comprehensive instructions, and a surplus of common sense. Now, however, it’s time for the most vibrant, most reckless Heroes to reclaim the reins and turn the tide back towards absolute pandemonium.

BRIKWARS is all about reigniting your inventive spark and challenging the accepted norms. Assemble your soldiers and their weaponry from your varied assortment of random bricks and components. The opportunities are only as limited as your imagination. Want valiant knights charging into the fray atop motorbikes while brandishing hand grenades? Of course, you do. Fancy a swarm of minifigs transported by fiery dragons? Absolutely! Or perhaps tri-coloured engines of destruction armed with pirate cannons launching nuclear warheads is more to your liking? The BRIKWARS mantra is not “why”, but rather “why not?”

The BRIKWARS rulebook is replete with an array of features designed to keep the excitement levels high. It includes a vast array of custom weapons to keep every battle interesting, a platoon of specialists for every role you might need to support your army, and the MOC Combat system—a robust environment designed to handle the most adventurous corners of your imagination.

Additionally, the rulebook comprises a series of narrative campaigns, Heroic Escapades, to keep the pride of your army’s greatest Heroes intact. Plus, there’s a standard set of rules to get your battles underway—and a handy guide on how to completely ignore these rules.

Brikwars Cover Image

Pre-orders for BRIKWARS are now available through the Modiphius webstore for UK and US customers.

We encourage you to bring your most far-fetched ideas to life and join in the chaotic fun. Share your thoughts about this game in the comments below or hop onto our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to join the discussion. What will your pile of random bricks become in this epic tabletop wargame?

Have you got a zany idea for a custom BRIKWARS character or weapon? Share it with us! We’d love to see what creative chaos you can come up with. Don’t forget to pre-order your BRIKWARS set, let your imagination run wild!

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