Chasm The Rift Key Art
Chasm The Rift Key Art
Chasm The Rift Key Art | Courtesy of SNEG Ltd

Reviving the Classics: ‘Chasm: The Rift’ Breaks Through to Modern Consoles

Old-School FPS Action Returns with Modern Touches in a Blast From the Past

Good day, you wonderful gaming aficionados of the Gaming.Buzz community! If the sweet taste of nostalgia is what gets your gaming juices flowing, we’ve got some cracking news for you. ‘Chasm: The Rift,’ the cult classic first-person shooter from 1997, is blasting its way back onto the scene and it’s packing a powerful punch. Thanks to the dedicated folks over at SNEG, you can now experience the thrill of the original boomer shooter on modern consoles for the first time ever.

SNEG, the small boutique publisher with a penchant for breathing life back into old gaming gems, has spruced up ‘Chasm: The Rift’ for a fresh run on Xbox One, Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch. But this isn’t your dusty old copy of the game. Oh no, they’ve lovingly added a few quality of life enhancements to make it even more appealing to today’s gamers.

Chasm: The Rift | Official Announcement Trailer

You can now savour the old-school gameplay with full 4K support on current-gen consoles. Additionally, the controls have been adapted to suit modern gamepads on all platforms (yes, including the Steam Deck), and Sony’s and Nintendo’s hardware will even support gyro aiming! PS5 players, prepare to feel the heat of battle with HD vibrations and adaptive triggers, available also on the Switch.

In true SNEG fashion, the developers have gone a step further, adding improved character control, crosshair customisation, and difficulty scaling, among other updates. All this while keeping the core gameplay intact. It’s all the good stuff from the 90s, reimagined for the modern day. Not bad, right?

For those not familiar, ‘Chasm: The Rift’ plunges you into the role of a special commando unit, faced with a torrent of grotesque mutations and time-bending mysteries. Your mission? Not only to survive the onslaught but to sever the time channels spawning these monstrosities.

And let’s not forget the piece de resistance – the weaponry. Ah, the glorious tools of destruction! From the unique Blade Gun to the Super Shotgun and the ominously named “Mega Destroyer,” you’re going to have a blast (literally) tearing through these creatures limb by limb.

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, PC players also get the full mod support. For those itching to get creative and leave their mark on this classic, check out their Steam page for more details on how you can contribute.

It’s time to dust off that controller and step back into the bizarre and thrilling world of ‘Chasm: The Rift.’ It’s available right now on each platform’s respective digital storefront, as well as Steam (now with Steam Deck controls) and

Ready to jump back in time with ‘Chasm: The Rift?’ We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your experiences and impressions in the comments section below or in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We might even feature your comments in a future article! Remember, the past is only a rift away!

Where To Buy Chasm: The Rift

We’ve hunted around the reputable retailers of the Internet (no key marketplaces here) to find you the best place to buy Chasm: The Rift today. The MSRP of Chasm: The Rift is £17.99 or local equivalent and all discounts were correct at the time of writing (May 19, 2023 at 1.40pm BST)

GoG Store | GOG PC Version * (50% off MSRP)
PlayStation Store | Playstation Versions
Steam Store | Steam PC Version (50% off MSRP)
Xbox Store | Xbox Versions & Windows PC Version *

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