Loddlenaut | image courtesy of Moon Lagoon & Secret Mode

Restore An Oceanic Ecosystem in LODDLENAUT And Support Charity

As you first step on the once thriving ocean planet GUP-14, the first things you notice are the oil spills and heaps of junk. The planet had been abandoned by the intergalactical mega-corporation GUPPI and is in dire need of some help to restore the ecosystem.

Play as an interstellar custodian and clean up the pollution on GUP-14, while exploring the beautiful oceanic landscapes and befriending adorable critters.

Are You Ready For Loddlenaut? | Out Now

In Loddlenaut, you can explore an oceanic planet in an open-world setting. As you explore, you will find “loddles“, adorable alien lifeforms which develop based on their food. You can raise and socialise with these axolotl-like creatures and they are happy to join you on your journey to restore the planet to good health. Develop a diverse loddle population and release them back to the wild to let them thrive. You can use tools, such as the bubble gun, to clean up and remove junk. Trash you collect can be recycled to transform them into useful items and upgrades.

Loddlenaut is available now and can be downloaded on Steam.

Secret Mode will donate 0.05 GBP per sale to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC, UK registered charity no. 1014705) over the next three years so make sure you get your copy of the game early to help make a real-life improvement!

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