BRIXITY | image courtesy of Devsisters

Restore A Collapsed Earth in BRIXITY

Coming to the mobile game market in August 2023, BRIXITY is the new ambitious project by the makers of CookieRun. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and the players will have to work hard to rebuild earth in this sandbox city builder.

Set 500 years after the collapse of planet earth, Pipos are calling this land their new home and players are tasked with helping them build their dream planet. You can design entire cities with large skyscrapers and share blueprints for other players to use.

Pipos have unique job roles and can work at various buildings to advance the development of the city. The player can explore their own city and interact with Pipos to discover their personalities – adding depth and storytelling to an otherwise mechanical simulation genre.

BRIXITY wants to support player creativity and relaxation by offering a mobile escape from daily life. If you are interested in playing BRIXITY, you can pre-register now and get access to the early access version of the game before it will be released publicly on the 24th of August 2023.

Watch the pre-registration trailer for the game here:

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