Remorse: The List, a new survival horror game releases on April 22, 2022

Remorse: The List
DeppreSick Team
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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DeppreSick Team, a brand new games developer are currently working on Remourse: The List. A classic style survival horror game where the player must figure out what is happening in the little Hungarian town of Hidegpuszta, and where your only clue is a weird list that doesn’t make much sense. Exploring every nook and cranny of this town you can find will be the key to unveiling its secrets and get out of there alive.


– Large interconnected parts of a small, suburban Hungarian town with creepy streets, parks and old, abandoned buildings, all to explore.
– Open gameplay where you decide the order in which you unfold the secrets of the list.
– Inventory management with single and double slot items of many types like weapons, first aid kits, ammo and puzzle items.
– varied weaponry with firearms and melee weapons to defend yourself.
– In-depth story which expands upon itself with video tapes and voice recordings amongst others.

This is the first game by DeppreSick Team, and it looks like a lot of spooky fun! If you feel the same way, why not give it a go?

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