REMORE INFESTED KINGDOM Key Art | Courtesy of Webzen

“REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM” Unveils Its Lair: Official Website Now Live!

Get Ready to Battle the Infested: Summer Demo, Key Features, and More Revealed!

It’s time to gear up and mark your calendars because we’ve got some brilliant news for all you indie gamers out there. South Korean gaming giant, WEBZEN, has just announced that the official website for their upcoming PC title, “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM”, is live and kickin’!

Hot on the heels of their Steam Store page launch in March, the team has now served us with a tantalising sneak peek into the twisted world of REMORE, complete with a wealth of exciting details. The new website spills the beans on the game’s story, key features, and the talented team of developers at Black Anchor who are the masterminds behind this deliciously dark creation.

“REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM” is a turn-based, gothic horror set in a forsaken medieval world. As part of a plucky band of survivors, you’ll be tasked with defending against the relentless horde of the Infested. The name of the game here is tactics – using historical weapons, throwing stones to distract enemies, or setting up a towering barricade to evade the enemy’s gaze. Sounds like a right proper challenge, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. The game serves up a range of engaging challenges to keep you on your toes. Scarcity of essential supplies means you’ll have to think on your feet to stay alive. You’ll also need to stay fed to heal damage and score bonuses in upcoming battles. Who knew a hearty meal could be a weapon in its own right?

But there’s more! You’ll get the chance to team up with The Blacksmith, the most crucial NPC in the game, to keep your gear in top shape. Crafting, repairing, reinforcing, and upgrading your weapons will be key to your survival and progression in the game.

Slated for release on Steam for Windows PC worldwide, the first demo version of “REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM” will land this Summer. So, if you fancy a bit of tactical horror action, make sure you get it on your wishlist!

The passionate folks over at Black Anchor, the indie game studio behind this gothic gem, have been slaving away to bring us this demo. They are a group of veteran gamers who have been collaborating for 12 years. Their vision? “To find an intersection between what we love, what gamers love, and what we’re good at.” That’s a philosophy we can definitely get behind!

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