Terminus Zombie Survivors Update Key Art
Terminus Zombie Survivors Update Key Art
Terminus Zombie Survivors Update Key Art | Courtesy of Ingeon Games

Refuelling the Apocalypse: Terminus: Zombie Survivors Gears Up for a Major Update

Ingeon Games announces 'Fuel & Faith Update', injecting more strategy, challenge, and gameplay diversity into the survival experience

Daejeon-based Ingeon Games have set fans of their popular survival roguelike game, Terminus: Zombie Survivors, abuzz with the announcement of their forthcoming V0.9.8 “Fuel & Faith Update”. This major update, set for global release on Steam on June 2, 2023, is packed with a host of features designed to expand the gameplay experience, pushing players’ survival strategies to a new level.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors has carved out its niche in the 2D roguelike survival genre by blending emergent gameplay with strategic survival. Set amidst a zombie apocalypse, players traverse an open world, making crucial decisions as they inch towards the end goal, the Terminus.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors | Official Trailer

The “Fuel & Faith Update” adds a whole new layer of strategic complexity. A new car fuel system is introduced, requiring players to thoughtfully manage this essential resource to avoid running dry at a crucial moment. This development increases the stakes as players map out their movements, adding another dimension to the challenge.

The update further enriches the game with the addition of three new locations; the Gas Station, Clothing Store, and Church. These locations present fresh resources and opportunities to players, introducing unique challenges and rewards, and further expanding the strategic choices available.

Intriguingly, the new Pastor occupation adds a different dimension to gameplay. The Pastor’s ability to inspire hope and resilience through prayer and sermons offers unique ways to bolster fellow survivors, bringing a human touch to this post-apocalyptic landscape.

Further enhancements include the addition of generators and a food preservation function, amplifying the game’s resource management aspect. The inventory system has also undergone a revamp with the introduction of new bags designed to reduce inventory weight and the addition of new furniture storage options.

Moreover, the update affords players more customisation in their game experience. The new Sandbox options allow the adjustment of the number of locations and the quantity of car fuel in the game, further tailoring the difficulty and complexity of the survival experience to individual players’ tastes.

This latest update promises to strengthen the game’s strategic survival experience and is eagerly awaited by its dedicated fanbase. The Fuel & Faith Update will be free to existing owners of Terminus: Zombie Survivors.

Terminus: Zombie Survivors is available now in Early Access on the Steam Store for Windows PC with an MSRP of Ā£12.39 / $15.99 USD / 13,29ā‚¬

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