Red Moon Lost Days Key Art
Red Moon Lost Days Key Art
Red Moon Lost Days Key Art | Courtesy of The Retro Room Games

“Red Moon Lost Days”: A Blast from the Past for Sega Saturn Fans

Indie dev, The Retro Room Games, merges the best of RPG and Visual Novel genres in an epic throwback adventure.

We’ve just got wind of something interesting from the studios of The Retro Room Games. Their latest offering, Red Moon Lost Days, is now available, and it’s an RPG/Visual Novel combo designed specifically for the Sega Saturn!

Born in Dallas, Texas, this indie game studio is known for its affinity for keeping the pulse of retro gaming alive. This time, they’re taking a trip down memory lane to the Sega Saturn era, and trust me, you’re going to want to hop on board.

The Game of the Day

Red Moon Lost Days is a quite fascinating blend of RPG and visual novel elements. It follows the gripping story of Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot venturing to Egypt on a quest to find his Army General mate who’s vanished without a trace. The game beautifully meshes immersive storytelling with intriguing gameplay to keep you hooked from the get-go.

One nice touch to add to the nostalgia is the physicality of the game. Red Moon Lost Days is being released in physical form, complete with a case, manual, and two CDs. To relive the glorious Sega Saturn days, you’ll need a modified version of the console or an expansion cartridge that’s homebrew game-friendly. If you want to pick it up for yourself it’s available on the RetroRoomgames Store for $24.99.

A Bit About The Retro Room Games

The Retro Room Games has been dabbling in development since 2019 and has now expanded to publishing as well. They’ve previously added gems like Airball, BIG2SMALL, Chip’s Challenge, Elland: The Crystal Wars, Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, Magic & Legend: Time Knights, and Quest Arrest to the gaming universe. They’re pretty passionate about keeping retro gaming alive, and with games like Red Moon Lost Days, it’s clear they’re doing a stellar job of it.

Meet the Masters of Storytelling: Neuromage Studio

Red Moon Lost Days is a collaboration with Neuromage Studio, a fellow aficionado of RPG and visual novel genres. Neuromage Studio, founded in early 2018 by @G_Sansigolo, is on a mission to create riveting storytelling experiences through games, particularly in the sci-fi and mystery genres. This venture into retro gaming is just another testament to their versatile gaming prowess.

That’s your lot for now, but we’re absolutely buzzing to hear what you think of Red Moon Lost Days. Will it be the nostalgic treat you’ve been craving, or is there something else you’ve got your eye on? Share your thoughts in the comments below or head over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Who knows, your insights might just inspire someone else’s next gaming adventure!

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