Demeo Battles Key Art
Demeo Battles Key Art
Demeo Battles Key Art | Courtesy of Resolution Games

Ready Your Virtual Armies: ‘Demeo Battles’ Reveals Trailer and Strategic PvP Gameplay

Join the Action in Gilmerra - Resolution Games Unveils New Installment in the Demeo Action Role Playing System

The Swedish games studio, Resolution Games, has made the highly anticipated first trailer for ‘Demeo Battles’ public, alongside revealing details of its strategic Player versus Player (PvP) gameplay. This exciting announcement comes hot on the heels of the success of their award-winning franchise’s first instalment, Demeo. With the stage set in the enchanting fantasy world of Gilmerra, Demeo Battles aims to let strategy gamers prove their prowess in team-based PvP combat on PC and in Virtual Reality (VR).

The minds behind Resolution Games, including CEO Tommy Palm, were inspired by the unity displayed by Demeo players as they cooperated to conquer villains in the game’s initial 2021 release. This led to the intriguing question: what if turn-based tactics could be a team-based sport? ‘Demeo Battles’ is their answer to that question, promising quick competitive play combined with cooperative teamwork, set to satisfy existing Demeo fans and appeal to a broader audience seeking strategic competition.

Demeo Battles | Gameplay Trailer

In addition to the first trailer, a video developer diary has been released, featuring Producer Gustav Stenmark, who delves deeper into the gameplay specifics of Demeo Battles.

Before every match, players will select a champion, special action cards, and monsters that form their battlefield army. Monsters each possess unique behaviours, autonomously exploring the map and engaging enemy champions and rival armies, seeking to gain the upper hand for their player.

Employing familiar turn-based tactics, players move their champions and use action cards, inflicting damage, providing healing, casting magic, and more, all aiming to become the last hero standing. Positioning and movement play a crucial role in Demeo Battles; failure to strategise appropriately could lead to being engulfed by “The Burn” – a threatening inferno that expands turn-by-turn, aiming to eventually cover the entire map.

Demeo Battles will bring players back to familiar Demeo settings, such as the Elven Necropolis and Ronth Desert, but now redesigned to create breath-taking moments in PvP play. The game also encourages cooperation in its 1v1 or 2v2 setup, where each side will select two champions to team up for battle.

“While Demeo Battles may be competitive at its core, cooperation plays an important role,” said Gustav Stenmark, Producer at Resolution Games. “Every champion brings their own unique strengths into the arena, and finding ways to balance those strengths when teamed up is crucial to securing a win. This is important when playing 2v2, but even when you’re entering competition without another player on your team, you’ll still benefit from controlling two champions in your party. In Demeo Battles, someone’s always got your back — just pray that it’s not the other team’s assassin!”

‘Demeo Battles’ is expected to launch later this year and can be wishlisted today on Steam and the Meta Quest Store. It will support cross-play across PC and VR.

As we eagerly anticipate Demeo Battles’ release, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game’s potential and its unique blend of competitive play and teamwork. Share your insights in the comments below or in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re keen to hear what strategies you’re contemplating to secure victory in the fantasy world of Gilmerra!

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