Ready or Not Key Art | Courtesy of Void Interactive
Ready or Not Key Art | Courtesy of Void Interactive

Ready Or Not Release Day is Here!

Ready or Not get's it's 1.0 release and we're exctited!

At 6 PM GMT today, VOID Interactive’s groundbreaking first-person SWAT shooter, Ready or Not, is set to make its grand entrance on Steam with the much-anticipated 1.0 update and we’re exctited! As a stream regular for me every Tuesday I’ve been looking forward to the full release for a while as every update so far has really added to the game. Void Interactive promise an unprecedented level of realism, invites players into the demanding world of SWAT operations. The release includes a plethora of new features, such as an overhauled SWAT AI, Commander mode, fresh missions, and extensive modding options.

Advanced SWAT AI for Tactical Mastery

The latest update boasts a comprehensive revamp of the SWAT AI. This significant improvement aims to provide a more authentic and responsive NPC tactical team experience. The upgrade touches every aspect of gameplay, enhancing team formations, door-breaching tactics, room clearance strategies, and effective communication.

Commander Mode: A Novel Single-Player Experience

One of the most anticipated changes for the release is the new Commander Mode which introduces players to the role of David “Judge” Beaumont, the new commander of the Los Sueños Police Department. Void Interactive says this immersive mode will challenge players to take charge of their team’s mental and physical health, craft strategic mission plans, and issue vital tactical orders. Incapacitated officers may be temporarily unavailable for missions, and any of your officers who die become permanently unavailable.

Expansive Missions and Customization Options

The 1.0 release expands the number of available missions from 14 in the last pre-release to 18, all of which are playable in both solo and online co-op. The game’s in-depth customization features allow for a personalized SWAT team, equipped with a range of gear, from armor and weapons to apparel. Rumours are we’ll see improved non-lethal weapons from the Early Access version which would be nice as a regular player some of the options at the moment are a serious challenge in more frantic moments.

Mod Support for Creative Gamers

For the adventurous gamers out there who want to explore the world past what Los Sueños has to offer – Modding (via is supported and Void Interactive say all the SWAT AI features will work on user created maps – generating all required data the first time playing through a custom map.

Where To Buy Ready or Not!

We’ve scoured reputable retailers (no key marketplaces here) to find the best deals on Ready or Not, all versions today are Steam versions for PC. At the time of writing this article the cheapest place to buy the game was the Fanatical Store.

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What do you think?

What are you most looking forward to in the full release of Ready or Not? Join the conversation in the comments below or our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Share your most thrilling mission, your strategies in Commander Mode, or your custom mods. We’re excited to hear how Ready or Not has challenged and entertained you!

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