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Close Up of the Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat in White | Image Courtesy of Razer
Close Up of the Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat in White | Image Courtesy of Razer
Razer Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat in White | Image Courtesy of Razer

Razer Unveils the Atlas Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat

A Touch of Glass for your Gaming Setup

Razer, the self-styled lifestyle brand for gamers, has announced their latest product vying for space on your desk a large, Tempered Glass Gaming Mouse Mat called the Razer Atlas and it looks stunning.

The Atlas marks Razer’s first venture into the world of glass-based mouse mats, and it’s been designed to provide unbeatable precision and consistency. But what makes the Atlas stand out from other gaming mouse mats on the market? Well, according to Razer, the micro-etched textures on the mat’s ultra-smooth surface have been optimized for optical sensors, providing gamers with optimal conditions for detecting textures accurately and achieving a precise gaming experience.

Razer says the Atlas has been crafted with a premium tempered glass, scratch-resistant surface that repels dirt and dust, keeping it clean even during the most intense gaming sessions. And when it does get dirty, they say it’s a breeze to clean – just grab a warm damp cloth and give it a quick wipe down to keep it in pristine condition.

On the underside, the Razer Atlas boasts a fully covered anti-slip rubber base to ensure that mat stays firmly in place during even the most intense gaming sessions, helping to eliminate any slips or movements that could disrupt your gameplay.

The Atlas is available in two sleek colour options, Black* and White*, giving you the chance to choose the one that suits your setup the best for a premium, clean aesthetic and we’ve already got one of each colour on its way to take a look at them in person.

Razer has definitely positioned the Atlas at the very premium end of the Gaming Mouse Mat market with an MSRP of £99.99 GBP / $99.99 USD / 119.99€ but if you have the money and like a cleaner aesthetic it’s certainly an interesting choice.

We’ll provide more of our thoughts once ours arrive but let us know below or over on our Community Discord what you think of the Razer Atlas and are you tempted to add an etched glass mouse mat to your desk?

Where To Buy

At the time of writing the Razer Atlas is listed by Razer as being available on the Razer.com store * and select retailers but so far it only appears on the Razer store itself, we’ll update the links here as we find more retailers with stock.

Razer Store *

Available in Black* and White*

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