Management Sim RAILGRADE Now On Track For Nintendo Switch

A new trailer shows how industrialists can revitalize a collapsed space colony through clever rail placement and ingenuity

Developers Minakata Dynamics are proud to announce that their upcoming railway management sim Railgrade is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The game, which will see players tasked with bringing a failed industrial colony back to life will also be coming to the PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

During the most recent Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase, Minakata Dynamics revealed some fresh Nintendo Switch gameplay footage, showing how players will be able to use the power of trails to help keep resource production on track.

Railgrade will see players construct multi-level train networks, keep on top of complex supply chains, and help restore restore industrial production in the wake of economic disaster as an employee of Nakatani Chemicals.

It’s not gonna be easy, but would-be administrators have complete control over one of humanity’s longest-serving technological innovations.


Players will be tasked with building a transportation network completely from scratch, connecting mining and oil resources and determining the most efficient cargo routes. Profits can be funnelled back into the colony to help keep it thriving, or shuttled back home to maintain the corporation’s bottom line.

A single-player campaign shows the effects of your decisions through more than 50 missions, and engineers can also test their optimization skills in standalone contract missions.

Check out the trailer for Railgrade below!

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