Quest Master: Craft Your Own Legends in a Dungeon-Designing Adventure!

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure with Quest Master, the dungeon-designing sandbox game brought to you by Apogee Entertainment and Skydevilpalm. Aspiring adventurers can now unleash their creativity and forge custom dungeons on Steam for PC, with an exciting public demo available during Steam Next Fest.

The quest for dungeon mastery will commence on PC with the Steam Early Access release of Quest Master in Q3 2023, followed by its arrival on the Nintendo Switch alongside the highly anticipated 1.0 release.

In Quest Master, the power is in your hands to shape the legend of your choosing. With an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface, you can design intricate dungeons that captivate the imagination. Bring your creation to life by populating it with a plethora of monsters, obstacles, and puzzles, utilizing a wide range of placeable tiles across diverse biomes.

Unleash your creativity as you select from dozens of tiles, crafting challenging dungeon crawls filled with formidable enemies, mind-bending puzzles, and labyrinthine corridors. Alternatively, infuse your creation with narrative depth by incorporating placeable signs and NPCs to guide players through engaging mini-adventures.

Prepare to brave the perils that await within the user-crafted dungeons, venturing across grassy knolls and delving into lava-filled caverns armed with sword and shield. Harness the power of magical items and abilities to fend off bothersome bats, cunning snakes, and eerie skeletons.

Exercise your mastery over dungeon progression by incorporating locking doors, flaming traps, timed switches, and breakable walls that reveal hidden paths when blasted with a well-placed bomb. Create challenges that can only be surmounted by crossing bodies of water with flippers. Explore premade dungeons meticulously crafted by the developers themselves, or follow the comprehensive tutorial for an easy-to-follow creator’s guide.

The adventure begins now, as a demo for Quest Master is available on Steam for PC. Prepare to unleash your creative spirit and embark on a thrilling journey when Quest Master launches on Steam Early Access in Q3 2023, followed by its release on the Nintendo Switch alongside the eagerly anticipated 1.0 version. Craft your own legends and become the ultimate Quest Master!

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