Super Catboy Key Art
Super Catboy Key Art
Super Catboy Key Art | Courtesy of Assemble Entertainment

Purrfectly Packed Action: “Super Catboy” is Now Available

Run, jump, dash and defeat Dr. Ungefug in Pixelpogo's 90s-inspired platformer

Assemble Entertainment and developer Pixelpogo are feline fine, as their long-awaited, fast-paced, run-n-gun platformer, “Super Catboy,” has just made its grand landing on Steam and GOG. The title character, Catboy, and his comrade, Weapongirl, set off on an adrenaline-pumping adventure to topple the wicked Dr. Ungefug, with the end goal being a return to normal cat life—napping, playing, and generally causing mischief.

Super Catboy | 90s Release Trailer

“Super Catboy” promises a thrilling gaming experience, merging the finest features of run-n-gun and beat ’em up genres with a distinctly 90s aesthetic. Our hero, Catboy, embarks on a thrilling journey across varying landscapes, from snowy peaks to desolate factories. Along the way, he encounters an army of weapon-wielding anthropomorphic dogs that must be vanquished. It’s certainly no dog’s life for our heroic feline.

Pixelpogo says there’s much more to this game than simply running and gunning. “Super Catboy” introduces challenging motorbike and mine cart chases, plus menacing bosses to conquer, all encapsulated in a delightful and engaging story that unfolds as the game progresses.

Key Features:

  1. Jump Into Nostalgia: “Super Catboy” flaunts an authentic 90s look, complete with 16-bit graphics and tunes that transport you back to the glory days of gaming.
  2. Run Kitty Run: Equipped with state-of-the-art sneaker technology, Catboy dashes, jumps and runs his way through various vibrant environments.
  3. Take Down Doggos: Catboy has an array of powers and weapons at his disposal to combat those naughty dog soldiers.
  4. Tell Me A Story: As you advance through the game, a unique story unravels, introducing players to lovable characters and formidable bosses.

Where To Buy Super Catboy

Super Catboy is available to buy now with an MSRP of £8.50 (€ 8,99 / $9.99 USD) and there are launch discounts from several retailers.

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