Little Friends: Puppy Island Key Art
Little Friends: Puppy Island Key Art
Little Friends: Puppy Island Key Art | Courtesy of Big Blue Bubble

Puppy Love at First Play: A Sneak Peek into ‘Little Friends: Puppy Island’

Try on the life of a canine companion in the free-to-play demo of Little Friends: Puppy Island, available now on Nintendo Switch!

You’ve probably heard the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”, right? Well, Fireshine Games and Big Blue Bubble have taken that to heart in their latest endeavour, “Little Friends: Puppy Island”. As of today, you can get your virtual paws on a pair of adorable pups in the game’s first-ever demo, available on the Nintendo Switch™. No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, this is the perfect excuse to put everything else on paws – I mean pause – and immerse yourself in some puppy love.

Launching on the Nintendo eShop, this playable demo offers a tantalising glimpse into next month’s anticipated release of the full game. Your new furry friends? A Labrador and a Husky, ready and waiting for you to train, bathe, and accompany on leisurely walks around the Island.

Little Friends: Puppy Island | Release Date Trailer

But hang on a tick – the full game, launching on the Switch on June 27th, isn’t just about two pups. Oh no! You’ll get to befriend nine unique puppy breeds, each with their own distinctive charms. Picture yourself strolling across a paradise island with an adorable Shiba, Labrador, Corgi, Husky, or Dachshund trotting by your side. Sounds dreamy, right?

As if that’s not enough, you’ll be able to create the ultimate puppy paradise by building new accessory shops and activity stations. You can even dress up your pups in over 350 outfits and accessories. And it’s not just about looks; you’ll need to look after your puppies, from feeding and grooming them to training their skills. This game isn’t just a puppy paradise; it’s puppy paradise perfected!

Speaking about the game, Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager at Fireshine Games, said: “Little Friends: Puppy Island is an adorable puppy paradise adventure that players of all ages can enjoy. We hope fans love this wholesome first look at the game with today’s demo, and look forward to meeting all the other puppy pals on June 27.”

You can pre-order Little Friends: Puppy Island, physically or digitally, ahead of the game’s launch on June 27th. Head over to the Nintendo eShop today to download your demo and get started on your adventure.

And once you’ve had a play, don’t forget to pop over to the comments section or the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to share your experiences. Which breed of puppy are you most excited about? Have you thought of any names for your new furry friends? Let’s get a conversation going, and remember, there’s no such thing as too much puppy love!

Where To Buy Little Friends: Puppy Island

Little Friends: Puppy Island will be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2023 with and MSRP of £29.99 so all the stores we looked at are offering pre-orders. As always we’re only included reputable retailers in our search (no key marketplaces here) and all the offers were correct at the time of writing which is May 27, 2023.

GAME (UK) | Nintendo Switch Physical Version *
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Nintendeo eShop | Nintendo Switch Digital Version
Zatu (UK) | Nintendo Switch Physical Version * (13% off MSRP)

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