The arena during a 1v1
The arena during a 1v1
The arena during a 1v1

PUBG adds a 1v1 Arena to Training mode in its 17.2 update

Bluehole Studio, Microsoft Studios
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, PS4
Release Date
Dec 20, 2017
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During the next PubG: Battlegrounds release on May 11th on PC and May 19th of the consoles they have announced they will release a 1v1 Training Arena in its 17.2 update. They’ve also announced changes to the spotter scope update and some changes to the weapon balance specifically of 5.56 mm DMRs (MK12 and the mini 14), they say the reason for these are that the MK12 recovery value need to be improved to be inline with the Mini14’s stability and Mini14’s damage will be. increased slightly.

Following the release of the mortar weapon on the Taego Map, it has been updated to allow it to be used on any terrain except where it is not secured by a large angle of flooring or when it is on water. In normal matches, the mortar will now be available on all maps except Haven, and will take up the inventory slot.

Spotter Scope

To promote healthy gameplay, the range has been reduced from 1000 m to 600 m, and Scan for Enemies now requires you to hold down the fire Fire key. Exiting ADS mode in the middle of a scan will cancel it and force you to restart it from the beginning.

When the Scan Completes Passive markers will appear on enemies within the field of view of the spotter scope, but they will not appear on enemies who enter the field of view after the scan has finished. When you complete a scan, it overwrites any previous enemy markers.

If you hide behind solid covers, like buildings or treesm, when you exit the spotter scope field of view you will lose the marker.

When you finish a scan and a passively marked enemy is in the centre of the scope, you can press the fire key to change them from a passive to an active marker. If they hide behind cover, such as buildings or trees, they will also vanish. A warning message appears on your screen if you are marked by an enemy active marker.

If the active marker is still within the field of view of the spotter scope after 3 seconds, it will revert to a passive marker, otherwise the mark will vanish completely.

Training Mode Improvements 


You must interact with a sign board outside the arena to begin a 1v1 arena match. When you interact with one of the numerous signboards throughout the arena, you will be added to the 1v1 matching pool, which you can cancel at any time by interacting with the ticket booth again. Before you can enter the Arena, a 5-second countdown will appear once you’ve been matched with someone in the pool.

You are unable to access other training areas such as the Aim/Sound Lab, private indoor target practice, or Jump School while waiting for your turn to enter the 1v1 match, attempting to do so will pop up a message asking you to cancel your 1v1 matchmaking.

Arena matches are best of three rounds with 60 second time Limit, if no one dies within the Limit it will be marked a Tie

Entering the arena will give you a level 3 vest helmet backpack but your retainer weapons primary and secondary that you’re carrying before you into the match items such as who right or tactical Gill disappear from inventory want to enter the arena.

If you’re not holding weapons or you have any melee weapons in hand before you start the arena you’ll be given an M416, SKS, pan, grenade and a p18c handgun. At the start of each round you’ll be given two stacks of ammo for each held weapon  and your armour will be reset.

Spectators mentally Rina at any time even when I won’t be one matches not in progress your screen or display a current situation of around and progress however you only have trouble apples.  you can and make one and spectator ever you can’t enter the fighting grounds from The Spectator area.  If you wish to join the arena there are interactive signposts within the spectator Area.  When a match concludes a pop-up displaying  final results of the match along with the results of each round pops up.  Spectators may leave at any time by pressing the B key on the PC or d-pad left on console. 

Teleporting in Training Mode

Also added the ability to teleport to certain areas in the trading episode of time make things more convenient to do this in training mode you open up the world map and there are little icons on the left-hand side of the map on PC on console you have to click the map icons on the map

Other Changes 

Grenade Cooking Meter

Normal matches will now have a UI Element that shows cook time on grenades and Stun Grenades (Cooking time of 5s and 2.5s respectively). This functionality is not available in Ranked games or Esports games. 

Loot Highlight

This update also created a highlight on an improvement of equipment you are holding. A part for your Primary or secondary equipment will be highlighted. As will better Vests or Backpacks. The jammer pack will be treated in this as a backpack level 1. This is turned on by default and it can be turned off in gameplay settings. Items within 30m will be highlighted.  Dead body crates will not highlight or show any hints. 

Driving Changes

Another key change has been that you can now use bandages, energy drinks, painkillers, and adrenaline surges while driving. Turning, stopping or changing direction of travel will cancel item use 

A full list of all patch notes is included here

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