Guardians of Holme Key Art
Guardians of Holme Key Art
Guardians of Holme Key Art | Courtesy of Indienova

Prepare Your Decks and Defences: Guardians of Holme Is Ready For Early Access on Steam!

Card-based Tower Defense Roguelike Game Brings Tactical Thrills and Pulsating Challenges on June 16

The gaming world is set to welcome a new and exciting entrant as MossTech Studio, in partnership with indie publisher Indienova, prepares to launch their card-based roguelike tower defense game, Guardians of Holme, on Steam Early Access. Available from June 16th, the game will offer a thrilling new take on the tower defence genre at a price of $12.99 USD/EUR. What’s more, those quick off the mark will benefit from a 20% discount during the first week of the launch.

Guardians of Holme brings a fusion of tower defense, deckbuilding, and roguelite elements. The game challenges players to leverage the terrain strategically and employ potent traps to hold back relentless waves of enemies. As you delve deeper into the game, the possibility of acquiring new trap cards, relics, and upgrading existing cards will open up, strengthening your deck and better equipping you to confront increasingly formidable foes.

Guardians of Holme | Release Date Announcement Trailer

The game boasts numerous distinctive features. Players will face a diverse range of monsters and potent bosses attacking from the air and the ground. The game allows you to craft your tactics according to the terrain and enemy types and make use of various relics to construct an unbeatable deck. With totems to place, traps to set, guards to summon, and spells to cast, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal to repel the endless monster onslaught.

The ability to pause or speed up the game lets you implement the best tactics to triumph over challenges. Furthermore, you can expand your strategies by gradually unlocking and upgrading hero abilities and new traps. Each hero brings unique talents, abilities, and cards to the table, ensuring an engaging and diverse gameplay experience.

Set in a world once ravaged by a Demon King, you step into the shoes of a skilled artisan from Holme, leading the kingdom’s heroic citizens in defending their homeland against a sudden demon onslaught. The premise promises a thrilling backdrop to the strategic gameplay, as players combine their wits with an array of traps to hold the kingdom’s last line of defense.

During the early access phase, players can experience two distinct play styles by choosing between two characters: Seth and Nicole. A broad selection of traps and artifacts guarantees each attempt will offer a unique gaming experience. From focusing on maximizing the damage of a single trap, utilizing displacing traps to push enemies into pits, or employing roadblocks in synergy with the terrain, the game offers ample freedom to craft your own tactics.

Seeking an even greater challenge? Guardians of Holme introduces a progressively challenging difficulty mode and a daily challenge mode, providing fresh experiences every day. MossTech Studio is dedicated to continuous improvement and encourages player feedback during the early access phase. Plans for new characters, traps, artifacts, and game modes are already underway, with player input set to play a crucial role in enhancing the gaming experience.

MossTech Studio, based in Chengdu, China, and the nine-member team behind Guardians of Holme, have previously developed the critically acclaimed games ‘EllrLand’ and ‘Rhythm Park’. Their new partner, Indienova, is a Beijing-based indie game publisher who say they’re committed to assisting indie developers in achieving top-quality and profitable games.

Guardians of Holme will release on Steam Early Access on June 16, 2023 and there is a playable demo available on the Steam Store now.

Now it’s over to you! We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the game, so don’t forget to leave your comments below or join us on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord for a chat. Get ready to draw your cards and defend the kingdom!

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