Ultros Key Art
Ultros Key Art
Ultros Key Art | Courtesy of Kepler Interactive

Prepare to Break the Cycle: ULTROS, a New Cosmic Adventure, Arrives on PlayStation & PC in 2024

Hadoque announces a stellar psychedelic journey into an alien world with art by Hotline Miami's El Huervo

Greetings, fellow interstellar adventurers! A cosmic wave of news just washed over us here at Gaming.Buzz, courtesy of the PlayStation Showcase, and we’re here to relay the transmission to you: prepare to blast off with ULTROS, the debut creation from Sweden’s Hadoque. It’s an action-packed journey through alien landscapes and cosmic mysteries, and it’s set to land on PlayStation and PC via Steam in 2024.

ULTROS promises a journey like no other, pulling us into an immersive Metroidvania-style realm, an alien world alive with vibrant flora and brutal, bloodthirsty lifeforms. We’re not just talking about run-of-the-mill alien critters here; we’ll get to slash through monstrous creatures with blade-based combat and nurture a lush, green ecosystem. Here’s the twist: death isn’t the endgame. Instead, the powerful entity residing within The Sarcophagus, a mysterious element of this world, triggers a time loop every time our avatar meets their demise.

Ultros | Reveal Trailer

The trailer’s up already (above), and from what we can gather, each loop will get us closer to understanding this exotic world. Mastering the cycle of life and death appears to be the key to cracking this psychedelic nut. So, for those of you who aren’t afraid to venture into the unknown, ULTROS might just be your next great challenge.

The icing on the space cake? Artwork by El Huervo, the world-renowned artist best known for his work on the Hotline Miami series. The stunning visuals coupled with an immersive soundscape make ULTROS a feast for the senses, and we can’t wait to explore the secrets hidden in every corner of this celestial sandbox.

Hadoque might be new to the scene, but don’t mistake them for novices. The team boasts a wealth of experience, with its members having worked on titles like Hotline Miami, the SteamWorld-series, Fe, Stick It To The Man, Magicka, Toca Life, Else:Heartbreak, Kenshō, and Populous Run.

Ultros will be coming to PC, Mac, PS4 & PS5 and can be wishlisted now on Steam, Epic Game Store *, and PlayStation Store.

So, will you take up the challenge to break the cycle and tackle the demonic being in ULTROS? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re looking forward to hearing your take on this thrilling new game!

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