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September 12, 2013
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Bohemia Interactive
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Fight for Freedom in Sahrani: Operation ‘Hotel Guardian’ Awaits!

Gaming.Buzz have just dropped some thrilling news for all ARMA 3 fans! Brace yourselves, as an exhilarating new ARMA 3 Antistasi server is going live this Friday (28th July) at 7 pm BST. Get ready to immerse yourself in a gripping journey, as we unite to liberate Sahrani from the occupying British Forces and defend against the dreaded Invading SAF invasion.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Your first mission, in the Operation “Hotel Guardian,” will be to escort the Rebel Leader Pedros to a secure location. Mission briefing is below, so gear up and get ready for action!

In this immersive experience, teamwork will be crucial. Communication and strategy will be your key to victory so if you need to know how to use TFAR I have you covered. Join us on this adventure, and let’s create memories that will go down in ARMA 3 history!

We want to hear from you, the courageous soldiers of Gaming.Buzz! Share your thoughts, experiences, and epic moments from the ARMA 3 Antistasi server in the comments below. Alternatively, join the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to get the Server Details and connect with fellow players to discuss your heroic feats and challenges faced during Operation “Hotel Guardian.” Get ready to engage in thrilling conversations and celebrate your triumphs together!

First Session Mission Briefing – Operation “Hotel Guardian”

Regiment: Flanker Furies
Date: July 28th 2023
Location: Sahrani 098035 – 102073


Your mission, codenamed “Hotel Guardian,” is to escort Rebel leader Pedros to the “Belle Foille Hotel,” which will serve as your main base of operations. To accomplish this, you must neutralise the anti-aircraft (AA) systems at either Iguana or Tiberia Outposts. Our Sponsor, codenamed “The Great Guin,” has provided a Medevac Helo that will be utilised for a covert insertion.


  1. Escort Rebel Leader Pedros: Your primary responsibility is to ensure the safe transport of Rebel leader Pedros to the “Belle Foille Hotel.” Pedros’ presence at the hotel is crucial for establishing our base of operations and coordinating further actions.
  1. Disable AA Systems: You have the option to take out the AA systems at either Iguana or Tiberia Outposts. Choose the outpost with the most advantageous approach, but be aware that inaction on this front will lead to Hostile Forces tracking your location. Swiftly and effectively disable the AA systems to prevent any interference with our operation.
  1. Covert Helicopter Insertion: Utilize the provided Medvac Helo for your insertion to minimize exposure and maintain surprise. The success of the mission relies on avoiding enemy detection and securing the safety of Rebel leader Pedros.
  1. Tech Support Incentive: The Great Guin has offered additional Tech Support if you manage to accomplish the objective. Successfully disabling the AA systems and escorting Pedros to the hotel will grant you access to valuable resources and support.


Maintain secure radio communication with Command throughout the mission. Any changes in the operational plan or unexpected developments should be reported immediately for timely response and coordination.

Rules of Engagement:

Exercise utmost discretion during the mission to preserve the element of surprise.

Engage enemy forces only when necessary for the success of the operation.

Minimise collateral damage and civilian casualties.

Equipment and Resources:

Standard-issue weapons and gear will be provided to each member of Flanker Furies.

Utilise the Medevac Helo for covert insertion and extraction.

Mission Success Criteria:

Rebel leader Pedros safely arrives at the “Belle Foille Hotel.”

At least one AA system at either Iguana or Tiberia Outposts is disabled.

Minimal enemy interference during the mission.

Secured location for our main base of operations.

Mission Failure Criteria:

Hostile Forces detect and intercept the mission team during transportation.

Both AA systems at Iguana and Tiberia Outposts remain operational.

Significant loss of personnel or equipment.

Compromise of mission objectives due to inadequate planning or execution.


Operation “Hotel Guardian” is a pivotal mission that will determine the success of our objectives in the region. Your skills, determination, and cohesion as Flanker Furies will be put to the test. Success in this mission will establish a solid foothold for our operations, and failure is not an option. Stay vigilant, communicate effectively, and execute with precision. May the Great Guin guide you to victory.

[End of Mission Briefing]

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