Prehistoric City Builder ‘Sapiens’ will debut June 13

Majic Jungle Software
Majic Jungle Software
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Jun 13, 2022
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Grow your tribe and advance through the primitive ages in this prehistoric city builder

Majic Jungle Software are proud to announce Sapiens, a new, expansive city builder where players take control of a small tribe. Can you begin to build society? Can you grow your population by looking after them the best you can? Can you expand your borders, and thrive in this ancient era?
Evolve your tribe. Evolve your people. Create a civilization that will span thousands of years.

Sapiens has been actively built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. Those new to the genre of city building will find it very simple to wrap their heads around, but there is much more depth lurking beneath the surface for those veterans who wish to delve deeper.

Assign your tribespeople jobs, determine their primary roles and watch as your settlement begins to grow as they plant and tend to their crops, as they clear paths, as they gather materials for further expansion, as they cook, build, and ultimately thrive.

As the heart and soul of the game, your sapiens are key to expansion. Whether you send them to explore far-off lands to discover and bring back fresh resources or task them to build transportation networks to help your colony thrive, with the right management your tribe’s size and their sphere of influence can rapidly expand. It will be down to you to manage their mood, build them shelters, keep them happy and preserve their resources.
With every single aspect of the game and it’s world being interactable (right down to placing every wall, seat or fireplace), you will need to determine how your settlement is built and maintained. 
And, with a complex tech tree that can be used to unlock new abilities You will be able to help your Sapiens to build tools and improve their living conditions.

Players will also need to pay close attention to where they are on the map. Some regions will bring their own unique challenges, with weather effects and seasons playing a key part in maintaining your tribe, their settlement and its likelihood of survival. 

Check out the trailer for Sapiens below, if you like it, check out the demo. It’s available right now!

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