Portal Games announces Imperial Miners, a new boardgame coming soon!

Prepare your pickaxes and get ready to embark on a mining adventure in Imperial Miners, an exciting new card game from designer Tim Armstrong (known for Arcana Rising and Orbis). Published by Portal Games, this standalone game is set in the beloved Imperial Settlers universe and offers a delightful blend of easy-to-learn rules, stunning artwork, and captivating gameplay filled with chain reactions and engine-building strategies.

In Imperial Miners, players take on the role of miners and construct their own mines by strategically playing cards into their personal tableau. Starting from the surface and working their way downward, each card added to the mine activates itself as well as all the cards above it, setting off a cascade of rewarding chain reactions and combos. With six different factions to choose from, players can mix and match cards to create powerful synergies and employ various strategies.

As miners develop their mines, they also make progress on specialized boards. At the beginning of the game, three out of six available progress boards are randomly selected, each offering a unique strategic focus. Advancing on these boards grants additional bonuses that aid in tableau development, card synergy activation, victory point acquisition, and the creation of even more satisfying combos. The combination of progress boards adds depth and variety to each playthrough, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience every time.

Imperial Miners boasts impressive replayability, thanks to its wide array of diverse cards and modular progress boards. Additionally, the game features simultaneous turns, ensuring quick and dynamic gameplay sessions that typically last no longer than 45 minutes. With its straightforward rules, breathtaking artwork, and rewarding engine-building mechanics, Imperial Miners is a perfect choice for both casual and experienced gamers.

Scheduled for a Q3 2023 premiere, Imperial Miners will be available in English and Polish editions, with other language editions following shortly after. The game box will contain over 150 cards, 100+ tokens, 40+ wooden markers, and 8 boards, providing everything you need for an immersive mining experience. The suggested retail price (MSRP) for Imperial Miners is set at USD 35, offering an accessible entry point for all aspiring miners and card game enthusiasts.

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