Let's School Key Art
Let's School Key Art
Let's School Key Art | Courtesy of PM Studios

PM Studios Announces Exciting New Project ‘Let’s School’ with Pathea Games: Education Has Never Been This Fun!

A Unique Blend of Management and Sim Gameplay Awaits You This Summer

The scent of textbooks and chalk dust is in the air as PM Studios partners once again with the seasoned Pathea Games, renowned for “My Time at Sandrock”, to deliver their forthcoming high school management sim, “Let’s School”. This immersive venture offers players a delightful task of reviving their alma mater, as they step into the shoes of the new headmaster of their former school.

PM Studios is thrilled to launch “Let’s School”, where players can unleash their creativity to construct a revived and fashionable school aimed at pleasing the faculty, staff, and students. Not only does this involve designing a sleek school building, but the duties of a principal also extend to training teachers, recruiting exceptional students, and overseeing extracurricular clubs.

Let’s School | Demo Trailer

Mike Yum, the founder and CEO of PM Studios, noted that the studio’s team wasn’t particularly fond of school when they were younger. “None of us at PM Studios ever really liked school growing up, I mean, clearly, because I spent more time playing games than hitting the books. But Pathea’s version of building, managing, and creating a fun place to learn is how I wish the real world of education could be. We’re stoked to help Pathea bring it to life this summer. And I promise… no swirlies.”

For those eager gamers itching to sample the scholastic world, an ongoing beta test is presently available, by filling out this form. Prospective beta testers are asked to meet certain criteria, very much like a traditional private school:

  1. Have a PC capable of running “Let’s School” (running the demo should be adequate!).
  2. Agree to an NDA (all participation and related activities will be confidential!).
  3. Join the PM Studios Discord for feedback and discussion regarding the beta test.
  4. Provide feedback and impressions of the beta build given.
  5. Showcase your passion for games!

You can find a demo of “Let’s School” on Steam now, with more details about the game’s upcoming release forthcoming. Besides constructing your perfect place of learning, “Let’s School” adds the twist of individual student interests and life plans, presenting further challenges to the headmaster – especially when it comes to preparing your students for their final exams.

A comprehensive customization system and an array of in-game events and activities make “Let’s School” a significant improvement over that monotonous 7:30 AM history lecture you were forced to attend back in your school days.

Keep an eye on the Let’s School Steam Page for additional information, and stay tuned to Gaming.Buzz for the final release date and platforms!

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