Plate Up! Kitchen Designer Mod


Download BepInEx mod loader , Kitchen Designer Recommend their own version from Here
Download ONe.KitchenDesigner mod from Here

Note: These links are to file downloads, if the links don’t pull a correct version you can find the github here


Locate Plate up! install location by right clicking in steam and selecting Properties.
` Steam > Properties > Browse Local Files

Locate Plate up! install location by right clicking in steam and selecting Properties.
` Steam > Properties > Browse Local Files

A Screenshot of the Steam Library page with the Properties Tab open

Install BepInEx by Dragging the files from the Zip folder into your Plateup Install Location

A screenshot showing the \steamapps\common\PlateUp\PlateUp folder and the Bepinex install folder.

Install ONe.KitchenDesigner mod by dragging the files from the Zip folder into the New BepInEx\plugins Folder

An image showing the Plugins folder in the PlateUp Directory

How to update the mod:

Updating the mod is as simple as deleting the ONe.KitchenDesigner folder in Plugins and downloading and installing the latest version of the mod.

How to use the Kitchen Designer:

To use the Designer tool you will need to go to the Website Here then go to the Kitchen Designer Editor. You can then build your design using the Draw Tiles function. When your Tiles layout feels correct (You need at least 20 tiles of dining room and 30 tiles of kitchen) you can click on the Draw Tiles button in the top left to draw Features (Like doors)

PlateUp Kitchen Designer 1

When you are happy with your Design just hit Export in the top bar. This will take you to a kitchen description page where you can copy the code for your Restaurant for importing into your Game.

PlateUp Kitchen Designer Export Page

How to play your kitchen in Plate up.

To play your kitchen in Plate Up! You just need to open the game, go to your lobby and confirm you are in Windowed or Borderless windowed mode. Then press F1 and click on the One Kitchen Designer. Paste the code into the Text Area and press Generate Kitchen Layout.

PlateUp Kitchen Designer Import Screen

You will know this works when you see Green text above the button.

The Layout will appear on your The Plan Board

PlateUp The Plan Board


Developer: It’s happening
Publisher: Yogscast Games
Release Date: Aug 04, 2022 
Rating: Rating Pending
Link: Humble Store *
What The Developers Say
Hectic single-player and co-op restaurant management: cook and serve your dishes, upgrade and customise your restaurants, and expand your culinary kingdom with each procedurally-generated location. Work together to cook food, deal with customers, and serve drinks – or do it all yourself!

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