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Planet Zoo – Oceania Pack And Update 1.15.0 Out Now

To round off the summer, Planet Zoo sends us on a journey to the sun-kissed Oceania region in their latest paid DLC! Enjoy five new animals and an abundance of beautiful building pieces to make the perfect habitat with.

All players will be able to enjoy the free update 1.15.0, which is now available to download. The updates brings new viewing domes for your guests, a new biome, and many more smaller improvements.

Oceania Pack

YouTube: Planet Zoo: Oceania Pack | Launch Trailer

The Oceania Pack is set on a beautiful coastal archipelago in the Pacific Islands. The five new animals introduced in this pack are:

  • North Island Brown Kiwi
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Little penguin
  • Quokka
  • Spectacled Flying Fox (exhibit animal)

In addition to these five animals, players can use over 200 new scenery and building pieces to bring their oceanic zoo to life.

The pack also comes with a brand new scenario zoo – the Goodwin Family Wildlife Park! Build this ambitious family project from the ground up and enjoy spending time on this sunny island with the beautiful new animals.

The Oceania pack is available now and can be purchased here:

Free Update 1.15.0

Free update 1.15.0 is available now for all players of Planet Zoo.

The following new content has been added:

  • Viewing Domes
    This new feature lets you add viewing domes to habitats that guests can enter from the main path to view their favourite animals up close! Viewing domes will not cause animals to feel stressed so this is the perfect way to make shy animals more accessible to your guests.
  • Brachiation for Bornean Orangutan
    Bornean Orangutans can now brachiate along wide climbable logs.
  • New biome: Temperate Oceania
    Available in all game modes and includes flat and sculpted terrain versions.
  • New building pieces
    Includes the volcanic rock path, the viewing domes (+ entrance and sign), volcanic rocks, kahakaha, golden sand, and a blueprint for a natural viewing dome entrance.
  • New music tracks for in-game speakers
    Penguin Paradise, Walk like a Quokka, Kiwis at Ease, Foxes in Flight
  • New King Penguin colour variants
    speckled leucistic, albino, melanistic, xanthic
  • plus several adjustments and bug fixes!

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