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Planet Zoo – Free Update & Grasslands Animal Pack

On the 13th of December 2022, Planet Zoo will receive a free update and a new DLC with animals from the grasslands.

The Free Update
The update will be available to download for all players who own the basegame of Planet Zoo.
New features include:
guided tours through your zoo
– “diorama mode” as a new way to build smaller builds (as seen at the YouTube channel Rudi Rennkamel)
bulldozer tool to quickly remove larger builds or landscapes

For more information about the update, visit the official website.

Grasslands Animal Pack
The grasslands animal pack can be purchased by players who want to add 8 new animals to their zoo and/or play the latest Career Scenario challenge!
New animals:
Nine-Banded Armadillo
Maned Wolf
Red-necked Wallaby
Striped Hyena
Blue Wildebeest
Butterflies (5 species as interspecies-compatible exhibit animals)

New Career Scenario:
Mansion Zoo in Argentina

For more information about the animal pack, visit the official website or watch the trailer here:

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