Happy Anniversary text on green background with a variety of animal head illustrations around the text
Happy Anniversary text on green background with a variety of animal head illustrations around the text
Planet Zoo Anniversary 2022 | image courtesy of Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo – 3 Year Anniversary

The 5th of November 2022 marks the 3rd anniversary of the popular zoo builder Planet Zoo. The developers have released a new in-game content update for all players and goodies outside of the game await as well.

To celebrate, all players who own the base game get a free new animal added to their game – the Red Deer. The animal, native to most of Europe and parts of North Africa and West Asia, can be purchased in-game like any other species.

The guests in your zoo will also be able to enjoy new animal balloons when purchasing a balloon from the merchandise shop. The new balloons look like the face of a Tiger, Giraffe, Chimpanzee, or Red Panda and you can enable and disable them as you like. As well as the Red Deer, these balloons are a permanent addition and will stay in the game even after the celebration days are over.

A limited-time Community Challenge is running in Planet Zoo from the 4th to the 6th of November 2022. Prizes include boosted animals with a higher chance of rare coat variants and a new avatar outfit for your character.

Outside of the game, players and fans are now able to buy official Planet Zoo merchandise from the Planet Zoo store. Clothing items, artwork, mousepads and mug with various designs are available at launch. You can check out the store here.

In addition to merch, the music album “You, Me & Other Habitats” is now available for everyone to listen to for free on Spotify!

If you don’t have it already, you can buy the base game for Planet Zoo here (DLC is also available from these pages):

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