Paws of Coal Key Art | Courtersy of Gamechuck
Paws of Coal Key Art | Courtersy of Gamechuck

Paws of Coal: A Detective Adventure in the Animal Kingdom

Gamechuck has just released a new game called Paws of Coal on Steam for PC today. A detective adventure taht takes you to the Rabbit Burrows, where the miners are falling ill, and it’s hurting production. The Crown has called upon the eminent scholar of the Animal Kingdom, Charles Quill, to help solve the outbreak. However, there seem to be other things at play, and it’s up to you to gather clues, form alliances, and use your deduction skills to solve the case.

In Paws of Coal, you talk to various animals, read scientific books, and closely inspect the environment and items to gather clues. You can form alliances with various factions to gain access to exclusive information. Using your deduction skills, you’ll connect clues and distinguish solid evidence from misleading leads and hearsay. Your choices will matter, and even forming incorrect conclusions about the raging plague will push the story forward, often in unexpected ways.

The game features hand-drawn backgrounds and frame-by-frame animated characters, flora and fauna. It also has a classical score inspired by Wagnerian leitmotifs and composed by Fenton Huston. Paws of Coal is a short, standalone game set in the larger Trip the Ark Fantastic universe, currently in development at Gamechuck.

The game promises to provide an immersive and engaging experience, with players making difficult moral decisions in a class and species-divided Animal Kingdom. The choices you make will push the story forward in unexpected ways, and you’ll be hooked to see how it all unfolds.

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