Paradox Interactive Unveils Overlord Expansion for Stellaris

Paradox Development Studio
Paradox Interactive, DMM Games LLC
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date
Coming soon
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Bring Order to the Galaxy with New Empire Mechanics, Megastructures, and More.

Paradox Interactive today revealed Overlord, the new expansion for Stellaris. Overlord will grant players access to new features centered around more intricate management of their intergalactic empires, from specialized vassals to powerful new megastructures.

Players can use these new features to bring order and glory to the galaxy or, if you play like I do, bring it to its knees. Overlord’s thematic focus is on exerting your will across the galaxy, the projection of power, and the expansion of civilization under your glorious banner. The other galactic powers can choose to submit willingly or by force, but they will submit. 

Overlord will be available for Stellaris players on all PC platforms soon, and will launch alongside the free 3.4 update to Stellaris, codenamed “Cepheus”.

With new content, balancing, and adjustments for all players, this is part of a continued effort by the Stellaris Custodian team to provide continuous improvements for the playerbase.

“The stories our players have told through the last six years of Stellaris never fail to amaze us. We’ve seen empires rise and fall, unite and destroy, and clash overtly or covertly with their galactic neighbors. With Overlord, we want to give players more options and opportunities to realize their own ‘space operas,’ build a universe full of grand houses or squabbling vassals, and see how long they can hold power over what they’ve created. Look for more details on what it means to be a galactic Overlord very soon!”

Stephen Muray, Game Director of Stellaris 

In Overlord,  players and AI counterparts will find a new level of empire management to participate in to help realize their grand designs for the universe. Specialized vassal roles will allow players to either elevate the planets within their realms to new heights of glory, or keep them in line and under control.

New enclaves will present unique opportunities and challenges, and a selection of new megastructures will offer ways to project their power across the galaxy.

Five new Origins, new music, and more will be included when Overlord launches later this year.

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