Old World - Greece Scenario 3 Key Art - Image Courtesy of Hooded Horse
Old World - Greece Scenario 3 Key Art - Image Courtesy of Hooded Horse
Old World - Greece Scenario 3 Key Art - Image Courtesy of Hooded Horse

Old World releases on Steam today, May 19

Old World Box Art | Courtesy of Mohawk Games
mohawk games
Hooded Horse
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Release Date
May 05, 2020

Set in the age of antiquity, Old World is a historical turn-based 4X strategy game with a strong emphasis on dynastic rule. Your leaders are mortal, and once they die, be it through illness, old age, or most likely, dying horribly on the battlefield, your dynasty’s future depends entirely on the heir you have groomed to take their place.

Old World has been available to play for the past two years through the Epic Games Store and GoG. Now, the developers at mohawk games have seen it fit to release the game onto the Steam Store, providing yet another avenue for gamers to get their fix of 4X goodness.

You may have seen our very own imaflanker stream Old World on his Twitch channel (If you haven’t, you can catch him at twitch.tv/imaflanker), and he had this to say:

Old World is one of my favourite games with a phenomenal soundtrack and play concentrated over a specific period in history where you need to balance the needs of your nations families and your own line with the wider game. Limiting City Sites and the Orders being a global pool vs per unit encourage careful planning and building up your nation vs a single tech rush win. Easily one of the games of the year that bring together elements of the Civ games and Crusader Kings while managing to be more enjoyable than both for a truly rewarding and re-playable gem.

Not only is there a lovely 10% discount from the devs on Steam to celebrate the release of the game, but you can also get the Greek expansion DLC – Heroes of the Aegean – for FREE for the first 2 weeks that the game is released!

Check out the trailer of Old World below!

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