Oblivion Override Key Art
Oblivion Override Key Art
Oblivion Override Key Art | Courtesy of Humble Mill

Oblivion Override: Unleash Your Inner Bot in this Sci-Fi Action Side-Scroller!

Ready Your Weapons and Charge into the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland of Humble Mill's Early Access Release on Steam This June!

Humble Mill, the indie studio that brought us the mesmerising side-scrolling action game Jiu Li, is about to embark on a new venture with their latest creation, Oblivion Override. This interesting game, set to enter Steam Early Access on June 14, 2023, was a hit during the Steam Next Fest earlier this year. Since its debut, the development team has been working tirelessly to improve the build variety, weapon selection, and even add a much-anticipated New Game Plus.

Our mechanical hero, Crimson, is strapping on his battle boots and readying himself for an epic journey into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Dulce Base. Every defeat, every reboot, he comes back stronger, with renewed resolve to solve the mystery of the Oblivion Code – humanity’s last-ditch effort to control AI evolution in a world where they are long gone.

Oblivion Override | Early Access Date Trailer

If you’ve ever fancied taking down your enemies with a gigantic battle axe, or even a Christmas tree (yes, you read that right!), Oblivion Override’s got your back. The game boasts an array of over 20 unique weapons, each with their own distinctive movesets. There’s even a weaponized version of rock-paper-scissors – talk about a fresh take on the classics!

But, be warned. Deep within the Dulce Base, you’ll encounter brutal robotic bosses that’ll challenge every fibre of your gaming skills. The upside? The sweet spoils of victory include a currency for unlocking hidden chambers filled with essential upgrades that’ll keep you in the fight and advancing through the game.

As you battle through each stage, you’ll meet a diverse array of robotic enemies, testing your observational skills and combat creativity. Mastering these elements is key to survival and progress in your quest through the desolate wasteland of the Dulce Base.

And here’s the big one: What’s the secret behind the Oblivion Code? What’s the real story of mankind’s history with robots? Only those who venture deeper into the Dulce Base will uncover the truth. So get your gaming gloves on, add Oblivion Override to your Steam wishlist, and join the Official Discord for more details.

What do you think? Are you ready to take on the robotic world of Oblivion Override? We’re buzzing to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or come and join us on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s get that chat flowing!

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