Northgard Major Update 8 Trials of Odin | Image Courtesy of Shiro Games

Northgard Trials of Odin Update is Out Now!

Winter may always be coming in Northgard but this massive free update is here too!

Ahoy Vikings! Brace yourselves for the latest update to Northgard: The Trials of Odin! In what can only be described as one of the most significant updates to date, this latest free expansion has brought with it nine new conquest battles, new warchiefs, clan reworks, and plenty of balancing tweaks.

The new update introduces nine unique conquest battles, each with their own set of challenges and rewards. From the Ox battle, where you’ll need to maintain a steady supply of food while building up your defenses, to the Lynx battle, where you’ll have to contend with a relentless enemy onslaught, each battle promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The update also includes clan-specific Conquest bonuses that have been reworked and adjusted to fit the new changes to the clans themselves. This means that each clan will now have their own unique advantages and disadvantages during conquest battles, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Spectator Mode

But that’s not all; the update also introduces a new spectator mode for multiplayer games. When setting up a multiplayer lobby, you now have the option to allow spectators to watch the game. Spectators can join the game lobby, even after the game has begun, and can keep track of how the game is going and what each player is doing.

The Trials of Odin update has brought significant changes to Northgard, with interesting updates for both new and seasoned players. The new battles, clan reworks, and balancing tweaks ensure that there is always something new to discover in this richly detailed strategy game. You can read the full update and patch notes from the Northgard Team here. Northgard is a weekly Stream game for me so I’m looking forward to my first game after the update tonight to see how all the updates and tweaks change the game experience.

This update isn’t the last of the updates to Northgard this year with Shiro Games announcing that they are working on a new Southern Kingdom and diplomacy rework this summer followed by a new Viking Clan and a Lore and Faith Rework this winter.

Ranked Score Issue

As I was writing this article there was a message from Steven (Shiro Games) on the changes in the ranking system in game and some issues that cropped up after the update“Thankfully, we have identified the root of the issue and will be releasing a fix that will return your actual season score. ” as with any fix it may take a little while to apply to your in-game profile so DON’T PANIC! πŸ™‚

So what are you waiting for? Join the Northgard community today and try out the latest update for yourself! Share your thoughts on the game in the comments below, and join our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord and connect with other Northgard players or jump into Imaflankers weekly Northgard Stream at 5pm BST tonight.

Where to Buy

If you don’t already own Northgard and this update makes you want to give it a go we’ve scouted around for the best deals on the base game today from reputable authorised retailers (not key marketplaces) and all the discounts were correct at the time of writing this article (May 2, 2023 at 4pm BST).

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