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NexusMods release their new ‘collections’ feature

The new feature released by Nexus Mods allows you to download and install multiple mods, all cross-referenced and checked for compatibility in a much more streamlined process.

In contrast to traditional mod-packs, the mods in one of the new collections are not simply listed and required to download individually, but hosted as a collection. The developers claim it’s “as close to one-click-installation as possible”.

The feature will be available to both free and premium users of the site and means that anyone can create a collection for others to use. The process is streamlined, and identical for all users, the only difference being the following:

Premium users, who through their membership subscription are already contributing to the upkeep of our site, are able to queue the download and installation of an entire collection of mods – an experience we could describe as “as close to a one-click installation as possible”.

Free users on the other hand, while also having full access to collections, need to click and open the download page for every mod in a collection they want to download manually. That way, free users are not simply bypassing the mod author’s page along with our entire revenue stream, as we’re still able to serve them ads via the file download page. The free user experience is therefore a bit like downloading mods in a traditional mod list, with the added convenience of being directed to the exact file, as well as still getting all the automatic conflict resolution benefits through Vortex.

The way collections work is quite simple. A user builds a modlist locally on their machine and exports a meta file that contains all the information about the mods, including files, conflict resolutions, etc. This is then uploaded to the site as a “collection”.
A user can then use this file in Vortex (the mod manager) and it will fetch all the appropriate download link and download them. All installing the same way as before, but with a lot less fiddling.
It also means that mods will be installed precisely the way the curator of the list has them installed, so that mod conflicts should become a thing of the past.

to sign up for the Collections preview and beta, click HERE

I look forward to browsing some curators and seeing what they recommend, and having some modded fun on Fallout and Skyrim!

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