A image showing the New World Roadmap - Courtesy of Amazon Games Studio
A image showing the New World Roadmap - Courtesy of Amazon Games Studio
A image showing the New World Roadmap - Courtesy of Amazon Games Studio

New World – March Update News

New World Cover Art - Courtesy of Amazon Games Studio
Amazon Games Studios
Amazon Games Studios
PC (Microsoft Windows)
ESRB: Teen, PEGI 16
Sep 28, 2021

Amazon Games Studio’s MMO is soon getting its March Update, today they have released a Dev Update that covers the things that are going to be included in the patch.

Tempest’s Heart

One of the largest Expeditions that have been released with multiple bosses. “This is a surreal supernatural dive into an alternate reality space” says Art Director Charles Bradbury, discussing the Visuals of the new Expedition “If a space is totally taken over by corruption and chaos, how do we express that”. The Expedition will be the closing part of the Isabella Story arc. “Thats the culmination of the entire main story arc from the beginning of the game” Senior Narrative Design Lead Rob Chestney explains. “One of the things that I think is super cool about it … the whole idea of a tournament, this idea where .. you know its an island where everyone lives forever, death is no longer the threat, the threats are more psychological. They’re threats of insanity, they’re threats of despair, they’re threats of Corruption, so this whole idea of Isabella and like the way she has embraced corruption its a psychological thing”.

As players go through they will see glimpses into Isabella’s past, including characters that have a personal connection to her from outside the expedition. The team also mention that there are easter eggs placed into the expedition with side quests to the expedition delve into other corners of her personality. The Side quests focus on why Isabella is the way she is and how her personality is changed by the corruption.

Beating Isabella will play a cinematic that will hint at the next story phase.


The Blunderbuss has two main trees, with The Containment Tree focused on short range, crowd control with grappling hooks and netting, the Chaos Tree focused on mid-range damage with knockback and grenade shots. “The two trees offer sort of different styles,” Creative Director David Verfaille explains “Ones a little more on the DPS … engaging with one player, moving towards them, slowing them down doing some damage, then the Chaos Tree is a littel more about disruption, be powerful in wars.” The Legendary weapon quest is focused on building the ultimate blunderbuss, how a designer and Engineer are fighting over what makes a blunderbuss brilliant.

Expedition QOL

Included in this patch are a load of bug fixes and QOL changes. Some focusing on how to make Main Story Quests more solo player friendly, moving from running certain expeditions so they can also progress without needing a full group. There is also a change to how expeditions are launched, now only one member of the party needs to be at the entrance for everyone to participate, everyone else can be teleported into the instance, players will also be returned to their previous location when the expedition ends. David Verfaille also hints at a large change coming to how Expeditions are accessed “Our vision for the future is a world where orbs aren’t required for Expeditions but instead potentially buff the rewards you get”.

Other QOL Changes

Included in this update are also several changes that are marked Quality of Life updates for the game, the most noticeable one will be the ability to access your inventory while moving, No longer will the inventory make you stand still and fall behind your fellows while you check out your loot.

Another large change is the ability to join Wars and Invasions from the player map, making it easier than ever to signup without needing to physically go to the war boards. These activities also have increased rewards!

Selling your house will now net you 50% of the purchase price back, making it easier to sell of that house you only used to fast travel across the map to for access to the storage in the starter zone. Alongside this change you can now move items from any Storage to any other storage for free without faction requirements.

Durability changes that are coming make dying more forgiving with durability loss only happening on the Weapons, Jewellery and Armour that you have equipped and not on the Tools and items in your inventory.

There was also a hint of further streamlining of Early Game content, making for a lot smoother storytelling. Region Transfers are also something being worked on, is currently in testing. As soon as it is ready there will be an announcement. Accessible via the shop, similar to Server transfer tokens.

Weapons Changes

Dave Hall the Player Experience lead drops a bombshell for all Musket and Bow players “For our range weapons you’re going to have infinite ammo. So if you have T1 ammo right now its going to be automatically upgraded to T2, so no losses there. So once you get a weapon you can use it as much as you want.”
Void Gauntlet is also being looked at with the team mentioning that it was meant to be more of a Supporting weapon with some off-heal, not meant to be the Crowd control powerhouse it is in PVP.
Out of combat you will now have a constant regen on your Character.

Events and Zone Updates

With this update there have been some new things arriving in all the zones, players now can find two easels in each zone that they can interact with to get a Vista View painting, a house decoration item. If you accidentally lose the Painting you can go back to any easel and re-collect it twenty four hours later

Another new thing to look out for is a Golden Character called Rafflebones. Potentally found in any zone and scaled to the zone, Rafflebones will drop loot scaled to your level, with hunting him in level 60 zones netting you a cool 500 Umbral Shards!

There is also the return of Stinky, the NPC involved in a notorious bug where interacting with his outhouse would spawn a stinky, some players discovered they could spawn him over and over without a limit potentially causing Server issues. Now this wandering NPC has the potential for dropping three named items when you kill him. Senior Producer Katy Kaszynski saying “I love to see the return of the infamous in Such a celebratory way”, Stinky can be located in Weavers Fen

Also in Restless Shores and Weavers Fen there have been added dynamic roadside encounters, random enemies working on things or roaming about. Mike Willette, a World Experience Lead, explains “Along with all of our normal bug fixing when we dig into the zones we’re like oh we see opportunities to add … more dynamic moments or just add a lot more, you know, variety”. Mike also mentioned updates to Unbound Island and Cutlass Keys.

Finally the Great Cleave has some Yetis wandering around that just don’t seem to want to leave, these level 45 menaces can be hunted down by players.

Finally in this section they indicated that on release of the update there will be a Double Character XP weekend, with double Blunderbuss Weapon Mastery.

Future Roadmap

More exiting things have been confirmed in coming over the Spring roadmap, with 3v3 PvP arenas making it easier to showcase your talents and a brand new reward system being introduced before we start looking looking forward to the exciting things in Summer and Autumn, there are exciting things coming in the world of Aeternum

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