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New Ultra-Realistic Life-Sim Game “inZOI” Announced

Game company KRAFTON showcased a new and promising life-sim title at Krafton G-Star 2023. The game is called inZOI and takes life-sims to a new level by introducing ultra-realistic graphics, powered by Unreal Engine 5.

A teaser for the game has been released at the beginning of the month:

inZOI(인조이) Teaser [KRAFTON G-STAR 2023]

In addition to the teaser, a short gameplay video has been released. In the video, we can see the main features of the game at the current stage of development:

inZOI – Gameplay Demo | KRAFTON G-STAR 2023 #inZOI #KRAFTON

From what we know so far, the game will allow players to create characters using a detailed character creator (with colour wheels!).

Characters seem to be able to have a playable career and a realistic life schedule with time reserved for work and leisure activities. Hobbies such as painting, playing an instrument, and sports have also been shown in the demo video. Social interactions and forming relationships will also be part of the game.

Players can build buildings freely using the tools available in build mode. Furniture and decor can also be adjusted using a colour wheel and players can even place and move patterns as they wish. An AI feature can be used to generate new patterns on objects.

In Director’s Mode, players can manage a larger area, and adjust the schedule of the residents in the city and global phenomena like the weather.

Some content creators have been given access to a demo version of the game and if you would like to learn more about the game’s features, you can search for more content on video sharing platforms of choice.

The high-quality graphics of the project have certainly sparked a lot of interest and excitement in the life-sim community! Many details are still unclear, however, as the game is still in development. Players seem to be most concerned about the PC specs required to play a game with such detailed graphics.

Stay tuned for more information about inZOI!

  1. I play the sims 3,4 i love the game i have been playing them so many years i came across the game inzoi i love it i would love to play the game it looks interested when will it come out to try it

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